Wednesday, December 19, 2012

{EASY} No bake Holiday Desserts

Ho Ho Ho – howdie and all that holiday fun stuff!  It’s Melissa coming to you from my kitchen today where I have been baking up a storm for the “service” people in our lives (ie mailman, sanitation workers, UPS guy etc)… After a day of baking (and none of it stays in the house) the kids want something fun and sweet to satisfy the cravings from all the cookies they are smelling!    However, I am about at my limit for the day SO I just happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve that work in a pinch (and won’t break the bank)!

No Bake Desserts

The first one is an easy one using the Marshmallow/Chocolate/Cookies that I find in our local store (kinda like the Mallowmars that you might be familiar with)  I melted a green chocolate melt slightly in the microwave and inserted into the middle (our cookies have holes in the middle).  Added a few sprinkles while it was warm.  To make it more fun for them to eat, I covered a white lollipop stick with some festive Washi Tape and stuck ‘er on in!  Kids loved them!

My second idea fun and oh so good!  Using the Oreo Cakesters a few M&M’s and again the same covered stick I used in this example below. 

Pair them with some milk and great treat for Santa also!  

Ok gotta run and get my oven mitt ….cookies are ready!    Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!


Party Tips Contributor: Melissa Newell 

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