Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{HOPE} my results & sharing the HOPE

Waiting is NOT something that I am good at. You see, I am about the most impatient person in the world. Sometimes I think God does this on purpose . . ya know . .the waiting part  - just so I can learn to be more patient. =)

So yesterday was "results" day. The day I was to find out if I was going to be a 'cancer' person or not. If you are just tuning in, you can catch up on my story here. I have had to wait just a little over 2 weeks for these results & let me tell you - longest dang TWO WEEKS of my life! uggghhh . . . could the time have taken any longer to get here?! See guess this is where I need work on my patience - lol.

HOPE ::::::::
 . . . it's been MY word and will continue to be for this year! It's my safe haven, its where I find my solace from all of this - this journey I have been on. It's where I take comfort because I know I am NOT alone. He is and always will be here - right in the middle of everything I am going through - just as promised. =)

This is what i wrote on my personal FB page yesterday . . . 
"I.Am.FREE. ♥
I am at a loss for words . . . God is so good . . .I am overwhelmed & can do nothing except to give ALL the glory to Him - thank you GOD for saving me again! ♥ Pathology report came back clear & I do NOT have cancer!!!!! =)
The dr. told me the TIMING on this surgery was PERFECT as I was in BAD shape with tumors, cysts, etc. along with being in stage 4 endometreosis - things were starting to affect my organs (not a good thing) . . . in 3 months, we would be talking something entirely different as the outcome. Praise God for blessing me through all of this! I am heartbroken over never being able to have another child but grateful I can be around for the one I have! Do NOT ever doubt what God can do or the mountains He can move! I am so humbled by His ways & love! Praise God Praise God! Praise God ♥"

~ "Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me." Psalm 103:2 NLT 

I still have 2-4 weeks of recovering to do but I am HOPEful that I will be back to normal in no time. I have lots of emotions I am trying to get a handle on, some of them have been surprising to me. At moments, I do not feel like the same person at all & that is something I am trying to figure out as I go along. But I remain so humbled, so appreciative of this second chance I have been given.

AND one thing is for sure . . . my HOPE is strong, along with my faith. I just want to take a moment & THANK YOU all who have been there with me on this journey. The comments here on the blog, the emails, the prayers, the well wishes - it all means so so much to me & it DID help me get through all of this. It gave me some HOPE. So THANK YOU again & I am so THANKful to you all who were there. I also want to THANK YOU for hanging in there with me, being patient & NOT leaving since I was sharing some personal with you. I have always felt compelled to share my personal journey with you from the start . . . why? . . .I can only guess it was God's way of helping someone else struggling & me needing to share my story as to the why?

One thing I have learned through all of this, (or maybe a better word is reminded of) is we NEED to help others! . . . we need to give them some HOPE. People are suffering every day. People are dealing with something every day. People are trying to figure out how to make it through each day sometimes. We all NEED to know someone cares!

We as women need to be there for each other & take a minute to check in with others, to invest in other people we care about. That moment, that minute may mean the world to someone else. It may make all the difference in someone's day. That one minute could be all they get. Alot of people assume that people are being taken care of, they have lots of friends looking out for them or someone else is tending to them. What if you assume wrong? What if they don't? Maybe you think that person is strong - she can handle anything! What if she can't?

How about if we all start assuming that we are all anyone has. Does that make sense? Why don't we make ourselves the little slice of 'HOPE' for others. Make your concern known. Make a hello matter. Make an email count. YOU put that smile on someone else's face. Do it. Do NOT assume someone else is beating you to it. Don't assume people take the time. Don't assume people are ok. Let's get out there and make people see the HOPE. Give them something to hold onto. Let them see the HOPE in people, in you, in the everyday.

This is my mission for the NEW YEAR . . . MY year of HOPE! I want to give back & make sure people are ok. I want to give back by taking a moment to invest in people. I want to give someone the same HOPE I was given. 

Hopefully you will join me as I make a mission out of this second chance I have been given. I want to make a difference in someone's day. I want someone to know that they matter. I have always said "it's the little things" that make a difference to someone. That's all it needs to be. That's all it takes . . . to give someone what they're looking for! Join me in giving others the HOPE they may be looking for right now! ;)


  1. Already there with ya my friend....XO

  2. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey and pray along with you!

    1. I just adore you & the fact that you are always so so supportive - I appreciate it more than you know! THANK YOU!!!! =)

  3. Happy to hear your good news...Take good care...

    1. thanks so much for the comment!I am thrilled with the results! =)


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