Monday, January 28, 2013

{SALE} Valentines Day - get it for FREE!

Today is ONE of those days when you are gonna be so stoked that you follow my blog because YOU are hearing about this FIRST! I am offering up a CRAZY good deal for you today since well . . 'I love you man' & I want to do this!

When you run (don't walk) over to my shop & purchase this 'Silly Hearts' KIDS classroom collection for your Valentines Day parties (which by the way is already on SALE for you. Yup you're welcome - double down on the goodness today;)  . . . I will automatically send you the "Kiss ME" Valentines Day collection for F-R-E-E! 

So what's the catch you ask? These are LIMITED - once they are SOLD OUT that is it. period.

All this week I will be featuring LOTS of IDEAS for using the 'Silly Hearts' kids collection including food ideas, craft ideas & more. Then next week, we will talk about some fun things you can create with the 'Kiss Me' collection!

Hope you'll join us & go get your collections now! ;) ENJOY

So I would LOVE to know which Valentines Day collection you like better & why? Let me know below . . . thanks!

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