Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WEDDING :: GREEN Inspiration board

Grab your confetti & throw it all up in the air like you just don't care . . . 

Welcome to the 1st "official" Wedding Wednesday! 
We are dedicating Wednesdays on the blog to anything & everything on WEDDINGS!

FUN FACT: I started this business after marrying the love of my life almost 3 years ago - this business started out with the intentions of becoming ALL things wedding! Am I taking it there & forgetting about everything else you ask? Nah . . .but I DO want to devote at least ONE day a week on the blog as my way of remembering WHY I started this business. It's funny how you start something & then the path changes & it becomes something else. Doesn't make it right or wrong but actually just FUN to watch. So you will continue to see all the party ideas, collections, DIYs, etc. still - just adding to the "family" so to speak! Besides . . . . who doesn't LOVE some wedding eye candy right??

green damask invite, green wedding shoes, green chairs, green drink flags, green wedding inspiratiob

sangria :: invite :: lanterns  :: shoes  :: centerpiece  :: chairs  ::  cake  ::  drink flags

 In the meantime, we are kicking it all off with a GREEN wedding eye candy board filled with fun ideas, different shades of green, to get those creative ideas going for YOUR wedding or even for your next party! 


So what will you find on wedding wednesdays on the blog you ask? All kinds of fun things, ya never know ;) but a few things that ARE coming . . . . DIYs, budget friendly wedding ideas, inspiration boards, trends, real weddings, wedding collections from the shop & more! Plus I am in the process of bringing on a wedding contributor to the team & I can NOT wait for you to meet her!

I have a special treat coming up for you starting next week. I will FINALLY be sharing some behind the scenes photos from MY very own wedding, 3 years ago. We did the whole thing "DIY style" as this was a 2nd wedding for us both & we were strapped for funds. But that just made it more interesting ya know? Finding ways to create the wedding we dreamed about without breaking the bank. I look forward to sharing those details with you. ;)



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  1. Love the new Wedding Wednesday idea! can't wait to see what you have in store! 8)

  2. love the green! And I can't wait to see your wedding. I wish I had photos of all my DIY details of my wedding. And there were lots! Love that you are doing wedding wednesday!

    1. ahhhhh thanks - I can NOT wait to share my wedding! I still can not believe I never have yet . . but fixing that next week! ;)

  3. So excited to see you dedicating one post a week to weddings!

    1. me too!!!!! I have been wanting to do this like forever!!! Thanks for being here! =)

  4. Look forward to seeing your wedding details! I just love reading about weddings :D I planned our wedding (4 years ago in August) and shared as part of my 'Flashback Fridays' which you are welcome to have a look at when you have the time! xx

    1. ahhhh thanks - you are so sweet! I can't wait to show everyone some of the ideas I had for my wedding. If I had it my way - I would "get married" every year - it's so fun planning! =) I'll check out yours too.


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