Wednesday, March 20, 2013

{MY WEDDING} a peek at the Eye Candy

Welcome to a "special edition" of Wedding Wednesday! 
As promised, I am going to be bringing you a REAL wedding to hopefully inspire you.
This wedding just happens to be one of my favorites, that I have ever seen. Period.
The 3 year anniversary of this person's wedding is just ONE WEEK from today!
I bring you . . .some sneak peeks into . . .yup . . .
MY wedding!

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We had a cocktail party BEFORE the ceremony. We rode golf carts out to take pictures on location. My daughter walked me down the aisle. We wrote our own vows & the entire ceremony, personalizing everything we could. We had a candy bar. And a photo booth. We had a signature cocktail plus a chocolate fountain. It snowed 2 days before our wedding. We had the time of our lives. 

damask, black & white wedding, real wedding, my wedding, family vows, golf carts

candy car, damask shoes, black & white wedding, family vows, reception

As you may recall, I started this business after marrying the love of my life almost 3 years ago - we were married on March 27, 2010.

Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you some of the MY very own "eye candy" from my wedding. More pictures, affordable ideas, DIY projects and everything I did to make this wedding completely "us".

Hope you'll join me again. I would love to know what you think so far. Please feel free to leave some love below. :)

I had an amazing photographer (Ashley Mauro Photography) that took most of these photos you see here.

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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)


  1. It looks like such a fun day! Thanks for sharing these personal photos and details with the world! Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Such sassy shoes you had...and such fun ones for the guys. You and your daughter make such a pretty pair. :-)

    1. you are so sweet! Thanks so much for reading and YES the shoes, the shoes - such an important detail ya know! ;)


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