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EATS :: How-To Pipe Flowers for Cupcakes

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Today we are in for a treat! We have Erin from Whip It Good Cookies, sharing this amazing tutorial on how to pipe those fancy flowers you see on cupcakes! She makes it look so easy & do-able! Let's get those boring cupcakes out and fancy them up a bit, shall we? ;)


I love spring!  I also love making spring cookies and cupcakes.  The wildflowers that bloom here in Texas in the spring inspired these simple cupcakes.  I am not sure what you would call these flowers.  I kind of make them up as I go along.  I guess the pink ones look like roses and the purple ones are a cross between a pansy and a violet.  I think you also find that these are easy to make.  

how to make cupcake flowers, chocolate cupcakes, pink flowers, white icing

I started with 3 bags of royal icing mixed at a thick consistency in whatever colors you prefer.  I know my icing is at the consistency I need to pipe flowers when it is easy enough to run the spatula through but thick enough to hold its shape.  


Royal Icing
4 tablespoons of meringue powder
½ cup of water
3 teaspoons of clear vanilla
1 teaspoon of almond extract (if desired)
6 cups powdered sugar

In a mixer with the paddle attachment, combine the meringue powder and water.  Mix until meringue powder is dissolved, scrape the bowl, add vanilla and almond and continue mixing until peaks form (3-4 minutes).  Add powdered sugar and continue mixing until icing is smooth.  More water or powdered sugar may be necessary to get it to the desired consistency. 


Purple Flowers

I fitted my purple icing bag with a #104 petal tip.  When you are piping the petals, the bigger end of the tip should be at the bottom near the cookie sheet.  These can be piped on flower nails but I chose to pipe them directly on to my cookie sheet to save time.  There really isn't a way to mess these up.  Like I said, they are not a specific flower.  Just have fun with it!  

step by step tutorial, piping flowers, purple icing, petal tip, cupcake flowers

While holding the big part of the petal tip to the cookie sheet, I piped a half circle. I continued piping half circles while turning my cookie sheet until it made a complete flower.  Done!  You could certainly leave your flower as is or add some small details.  

I added some of my favorite sprinkles.  Since I have chubby steak fingers, I use my handy tweezers (purchased from to place them where I want them. 

flowers centers, piped purple flowers, white Wilton sprinkles, tweezers



leaves, piped leaves, step by step icing flowers, piping flowers, green leaves

I used a #352 leaf tip for my leaves.  Simply hold the tip place the tip vertically next to the flower and squeeze the icing.  Stop squeezing when you get the leaf shape you're going for then gently lift up to form the tip of the leaf. 


Pink Flowers

piped flowers, pink flowers, how to pipe flowers, pink flowers, cupcakes

The pink flowers mimic roses but have more of a flat effect.  I used a #18 star tip for these flowers.  Begin piping in the middle and consistently squeeze while you pipe in a circle, counter-clockwise until you the flower is the size you want.  If you make it too big, it won't look like a flower however.  You can also add leaves to these as well.

pink flowers, piping flowers, star tip, flower leaves, purple flowers, cupcakes
purple flowers, leaves, pink flowers, step by step tutorial, how to make piped flowers

I set my cookie sheet aside and let the flowers dry for several hours.  Once they harden, I carefully removed them from the wax paper and placed them on an iced cupcake.  

piped flowers, pink flowers, purple flowers, how to pipe flowers, cupcakes
platter of piped flowers on cupcakes, how to pipe flowers, pink flowers

How sweet AND simple?!  These would make a lovely addition to your Mother's Day celebrations. Let us know if you try this! 

Guest Contributor: Erin Heflin

I have always had a passion for all things creative. I can honestly say however, that I never thought my creative passion would lead me to baking and decorating cookies.  Before I started making cookies I was always a “brownie out of a box” kind of girl.  My husband would attest to that.  :)  

 It wasn't until I fell in love with the idea of decorating cookies that I really took an interest in baking and learning more about good ingredients, etc.  I now love to bake cupcakes, cakes and cake bites too.  

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to create something that makes other people happy.  I am looking forward to sharing some fun things with you!

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  1. Erin, welcome and these look awesome. I will admit, I stink at anything delicate and tasty such as decorating...But you do make it look easy! 8) Nice job!

  2. Yes, you do make it look easy, Erin. Thanks for the how-to!


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