Tuesday, May 21, 2013

LOVE on {Oklahoma} & HOW to HELP

There are simply NO WORDS.

These people NEED our help.

STOP feeling helpless. We ALL can help!

I am challenging everyone who reads this to DONATE. Show some LOVE to those who had their worlds turned upside down & show you care. Can you IMAGINE what we could do if everyone who saw this DID donate? It gives me chills! So much good can be done. I know it can NEVER change what happened but we can do all we can to help right now. If you can not donate, will you please say a prayer. =)

Today I have so much FAITH in the American people as they come together to help their fellow brothers & sisters. Those people will NOT let this tear them down. They will rebuild. We will offer support. We will be there for our fellow Americans who have lost so much. And we can, by donating to them. LOVE on them. And then LOVE on them some more.

I made this graphic as a small way to help. Please PIN THIS, SHARE THIS . . . POST this & get this out so everyone can know HOW to help. In situations like this, people just need to be told what to do when all else seems hopeless. We are NOT hopeless. We are NOT helpless.

Grab your phone & text some HOPE to our fellow brothers & sisters & let them know we LOVE them & are here for them.

PRAYERS to all of you in Oklahoma or if you know of someone there. I will keep praying & keep helping as much as I can & I promise we will NOT forget you! Try to stay strong & keep the FAITH!
God bless YOU!!!

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