Friday, May 31, 2013


So now that I have that song stuck in your head, you'll be singing it all day - trust me. (sorry ;) 
It has been a 'tradition' every year to sing this song the whole car ride home, after picking up my daughter on the last day of school. She says I'm crazy but I know she secretly LOVES it!
Her last day of 4th grade was Wednesday - she's done!

This is a couple pics of the FIRST day of 4th grade . . . 

and of course, the LAST day of 4th grade!

I am one of these mommas that LOOOOOVES having my daughter home on summer break. She is my little BFF so we do everything together & I think another reason is, it forces me to work smarter so we can take off in the afternoons & do things all summer long if we want.

Last summer I decided I was NOT going to have any more 'momma guilt', as I explained in this post, and jumped on the summer bucket list bandwagon. Boy - am I glad I did. What a blast we had & such a great way to keep on track so summer wouldn't just 'fly by'.

I purposely blurred out list to keep it private for her. She WILL read this one day - lol

It's just a simple list of things she would like to do while on summer break. They have been as simple as having a 'baking day' or having a sleepover to BIG things like, taking a vacation. 

We do NOT stress over creating THE list! Neither should YOU! It doesn't have to be complex with 50-billion things to try & squeeze in over a 80-day span, but rather think of it as a way to keep you focused on making memories & the things you would like to do!

So this year I decided to create a printable that we could print out & use to write down all of the things we would like to do. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen a peek of this already.


I am happy to tell you that I will have this as a FREE download for you all next week, so please look for it then. Hopefully it will help you out too.

Do you plan on making a summer bucket list this year? I would love to hear of something on your list. =)

Please comment . . . .


  1. HUZZAH to your Summer! Enjoy all of it...soak it repeats or doers....seize the moment! Love you!

    1. definitely ready to make the most out of this one! You too - enjoy EVERY DAY (but I know you already do!) ;)

  2. Working on our summer bucket list too! Will share once I get it done. Our last day is next Thursday. ~Wendy from Scrappy Bags

    PS: Enjoy your summer!!


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