Monday, May 6, 2013

{PARTY PEEK} American Girl Birthday TEA party!

I have been dying to share some peeks from the birthday party that we just had for my daughter! Skylar, my baby, turned 10 a couple weeks ago & we celebrated with her party last Sunday. I can not believe MY baby is in double digits now. {sigh}  
She just LOVES her American Girl doll that she received for a Christmas gift a couple years ago from her meemaw & papa plus she has really been wanting to have a tea party as well, so the idea was combined & here we go! 
I wanted it to have the "American Girl" feel so hand drawn graphics were a must for this party design. Skylar picked the colors as we both wanted an American vibe without maybe having the traditional American colors. I love how it turned out! 
The birthday girl & 'Julie' in (of course) their matching outfits for the party!
I LOVE working with other 'party chicks' as it gives me the opportunity to work with some AMAZING women when I need something for a party. Sometimes I contact them just because I want to support them & get to know their work. I always try & do that with every party & I am glad I do, as I have found some amazing talent plus made some great friends - BONUS! ;)

You will soon get to see their work for this party but wanted to take a moment to give them a huge THANK YOU for rocking my world!!! xoxoxo . . . we have:

~ Sheri from Blondie's Treats who (once again) made some of the sweeeeeet-est cake pops! She is way super talented & she outdid herself this time!
~ Erin from Whip It Good Cookies who made these cookies that were a work of art in itself! Plus 'mini' cookies for the dolls . . .oh - just wait! Ahhh-mazing ;)
~ Jenny from Craft That Party made a couple pegs for me. Can you say "dollie & me' pegs? Yup she did! One that looked like Skylar & one that looked like her American Girl doll, Julie. Adorable doesn't even begin to do it justice. {sigh} 
 ~ Melissa from Truly Chic Inspirations where I bought the most adorable berry baskets for the party. They were perfect-o.
~ Joanne from Oh Goodie Designs who  I worked with to design some 'custom' plates to have at the party for the birthday girl - with MY graphics on it! Unreal!
~ Bethany from Country Cupboard Cakes who worked with me to provide some fondant pieces for the tea party cakes for the girls. So cute!
I can.NOT.wait. until I get to share all of these amazing people's work with you!
Soon - I promise. ;) 
But in the meantime, enjoy a few more peeks . . . . 
I am still working on all editing all of the photos that I took from the party. When you take the photos yourself, it takes awhile to edit. wheww . . trust me! 

But I am "hopefully" going to be able to share all of the details soon along with some tutorials from this par-tay! So much was packed into this day for this child. We had such a great time. She said it was the BEST party yet.

It's all about the memories. As long as we give them the BEST memories when they are young, those will be the things they remember. The TIME we spent makin memories with them. The most precious gift we can offer.

Have a great day & I'll be back soon!

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