Thursday, August 29, 2013

{PUPPY LOVE} So . . . we got a puppy

Have you seen a CUTER face than this?! I mean seriously, he had me at first glance. Those eyes . . . {sigh} ;) 

I would like you all to meet the newest addition to our family: Chili! He is a Maltipoo-chi. Yes it's kind of a 'newer breed' (I guess) as most people I have told respond with the . . . "a what? never heard of that one!" lol . . . his momma is a MaltiPoo & his daddy is a Chihauhau. So basically he is Italian-French-Mexican. What a mix right? But a cute one at that! For sure!

He is about 10.5 weeks old. His birthday was June 5th, so he's a Gemini too. lol My husband & I have our birthdays literally a week apart at the end of May so now we will be partying for like a month straight since this little guy's will be just a week later than mine. Whoo-hooo . . .guess I'll just plan to take a whole month off right now! ;)

Were we in the "market" to get a pup? No. I LOVE dogs. Heck I would own a few of them if I could but as of right now, my family & I live in a condo so my policy on 'no-dogs-until-we-get-a-house' always was on my mind. We are praying things work out & we DO get a house soon & can move here in the next year or so . . . that was when I promised my daughter we could think about a dog. You see, I am one of those who don't think it's fair to have dogs UNLESS they have a place to run, play in a yard, etc. But then my husband started asking me too . . .what about a little dog? Well . . . it changed from no, to we'll see. ;)

So how did I find Chili? My friend, Matt, has this dog . . . a Maltipoo & she had pups & I just happen to run into him right after she did. And he had pics of the pups. Then I started thinking . . . well this IS a very tiny dog & how awesome would it be to give my daughter the BIGGEST thing she has ever asked for & been wanting for, like years?!!!! Pretty cool indeed!!!!! She was in LOVE with him. Guess who just won "Mom of the year" award? 
Yeah . . .ahhhhh . . .what can I say? lol

Love this picture . . . his first shopping trip! lol Train 'em young right? ;) See what he picked out? That green faced friend of his is his FAVE right now!


He's had a busy first few days here & is realizing that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to take pics of him! He loves it . . . can't ya tell? Already posing for the camera . . .
the shy pose, profile pose & the 'when-I-do-this-face-I-get-whatever-I-want' pose!

I have not had a dog in almost 10 years & I am so glad we added him to our family this week. Has it been an adjustment? Sure as there is LOTS for him to learn but ya know what? He's one smart little pup. He's doing pretty good potty training, knows a couple commands fairly well, loves to play & loves small pieces of crushed ice! He comes running anytime someone is getting crushed ice from the fridge! lol He's sleeping through the night without whining & adjusting quite well in my opinion. It has definitely been a week of "firsts" for him.

I hope you have enjoyed these pics of my new little ECED's mascot! LOL Oh yes. He will be working with me on some projects that I have up my sleeve already! He will be fun to work with . . . in between all of his puppy naps! That Chili is so silly! ;)

I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations on a couple things: I would LOVE any advice on good organic puppy treats. I want to make sure he has good, healthy treats & give him what's best for his well being, so what do you use? I also welcome any tips on potty training or breaking the chewing habit with puppies . . . he's doing well with it but any good advice that you used would be greatly appreciated. Potty training I've been told, is just being consistent but I actually had a neighbor tell us today that she trained her small dog to potty on paper - like always! Never went outside! Is that crazy or not so much? Also I got him a teething bone to help with chewing . . . he likes it but doesn't work all the time but I am sure nothing does. 

I do want to THANK my friend Matt for letting me adopt this little boy! I can't imagine NOT having him now. THANK YOU MATT!!!! ;)

I would love the feedback! Anything you want to share . . . places I need to check out for puppy supplies . . . or maybe you have a puppy that looks like Chili! Let me know that too . . . 
Until next time . . .Chili says "nice to meet ya". xoxo


  1. He is adorable. I thought you were leaning towards getting his sister or brother too. Yep, you got the greatest Mom award that is for sure. I've been thinking of another doggie lately, but like yours, it has to be small for inside. I'm sure you will have many happy years with Chili!!

    1. hey Lisa thanks! We were considering both puppies but went with just the one. We figured we could always get another later if we adjust well with this one. Let me know if you get another dog - would love to know how it goes. ;)


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