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art party chalkboards, how to make a chalkboard, kids art party, chalk

Today I am sharing with you, "How To Make" the Chalkboards that we had as party favors for the Art Party Picnic. I hope you have all had a chance to check out all the details from that awesome good time but if not, make sure to go over & see all the 'eye candy'. The kids used these to draw on before we had our picnic snacks & then, they were able to take them home with them. So soooo FUN!

art party picnic chalkboards, how to make a homemade chalkboard
supplies needed to make a chalkboard, foam board, chalk paint, duck tape

These chalkboards are one of the easiest favors to make & much more fun than buying them, especially because you can choose the size you want these to be!

~ foam board (I bought 2 & just pick the size you want, as I just picked the largest board & cut in 1/2 to create 4 chalkboards total)
~ chalkboard paint
~ duck tape (color of your choice - I chose neon green & pink to match the party)
~ utility knife
~ paint brush

1. cut the foam board into the size "chalkboards" you would like
2. paint one side with chalkboard paint & let dry
3. 'finish' the edges off with the colored duck tape
4. 'season' the boards by taking a piece of chalk, turn it on it's side & rub it over the entire board - erase & it's ready to go!

painting the chalkboard, duck tape, foam board, season the board, chalk
CREATE, art party picnic, chalkboards for art party, chalk, edible chalk

If you would like to have your own "Art Party Picnic" you can see more details of the party and the printables: the "CREATE" collection on my blog. 

create party collection, art party picnic, using chalkboards at art party
chalkboards as canvas at art party picnic, drawing with chalk, kids chalk
fun with chalk, how to make a homemade chalkboard, summertime chalk

Want to learn How-To Make Marshmallow Chalk? This was a HUGE hit with the kids as they thought it was a hoot to get to eat their box of "chalk". 

how to make edible chalk using marshmallows, edible marshmallow chalk

What kids party favor have you made lately? Would love to hear about a DIY party craft you came up with  . . . let me know below! 

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