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CRAFT :: School Locker Chalkboard Initial

chalkboard craft, school locker decor, chalk, fun notes, back to school craft

It's that time! Time to get your craft on for back to school! I still can not believe that it's time to get back to school already but more importantly I can NOT believe that I have a child entering middle school this year! Oh my, oh my. 

One of the "big" things that my daughter is super stoked about getting to go to middle school, is LOCKER DECORATIONS!!! Say what? This is a "thing" apparently but one that I quickly had to get on board with as we never had "locker decorations" when I was in school. Oh how the times change huh?

back to school locker craft, chalkboard initial, buttons, chalkboard craft


So we of course have been stalking all of the stores looking for some cool locker decor and have picked up a few things already but we also wanted to try something handmade since ya know, her mama IS crafty! Or so I like to think! ;)

I decided that our idea had to be fun, functional, have something to do with a chalkboard, a fun pattern, cool colors and of course an initial since the pre-teens are loving the initial rage! (I am too though- lol)

So what I came up with was a "school locker chalkboard initial" that is super fun & easy to make! Grab your supplies and make one with me!

You just need to grab a few supplies to get started: a paper mache initial in the letter you want, chalkboard paint, a coordinating paint color for the edges, paintbrushes and a magnet.

supplies for school locker initial, paint, chalkboard paint, paper mache initial

You will see that I added some extras to mine, so you will also need a glue gun, small clothespins, ribbon & your own embellishments if you choose to do yours as I decorated this one.

embellishments, buttons, glue gun, chalkboard initial, chalk, ribbon

The first step is to paint the initial with the chalkboard paint. You will have to put on about 5-6 thin coats and let them dry in between each layer but it will give you a solid 'chalkboard' to use plus the paint dries pretty fast.


chalkboard painting, paintbrush, initial, chalkboard craft, school decor

The next step is to carefully paint the edges of your initial in the coordinating color of paint you have chosen. For mine I chose a robins egg blue shade.

painting edges, valspar paint, chalkboard paint, paintbrush, initial craft

If you want to add a ribbon to be able to clip items to the bottom of the initial, cut your ribbon to the desired length you want and hot glue to the back of the initial.

polka dot ribbon, initial craft, chalkboard paint, back to school craft
school locker craft, locker decor, DIY craft for back to school, initial

If you want to add any embellishments to your initial, like buttons (like I did here) or a flower, sequins or something else, do it on this step.

chalkboard initial craft, back to school, locker decor craft, DIY for BTS

The last thing you need to do for your chalkboard is season it. Any time you paint anything with chalkboard paint, you want to season the surface by taking a piece of white chalk on its side and rubbing it all over the entire writing surface. Then simply wipe it off and you will be left with a chalkboard surface that is ready to go! The reason for seasoning is if you choose NOT to, then the first thing you write or draw will always be seen on the surface even after you erase it.

season chalkboard initial, chalkboard craft, locker decor DIY, initial
seasoned chalkboard initial, chalkboard craft, back to school, locker

I had some fun and drew some fun things on the chalkboard initial along with the name of the person I am making this for. (which happens to be my niece)

doodles on chalkboard initial, chalkboard craft for back to school, chalk

To make the ribbons super functional you can make or pick up some mini clothespins to clip onto the ribbon so the child using it can attach photos or notes to it.

mini clothespins, back to school craft, locker DIY craft, initial, ribbon

The final item of business would be to hot glue the magnet on the back, to make sure it will cling to the locker  . . . & you are done! That's it! Enjoy your new "School Locker Chalkboard Initial".

notes on chalkboard initial, chalkboard craft, chalk, ribbon, locker decor
oh happy day note, chalkboard crafting, school locker inititial, glitter pins
school locker craft for back to school, chalkboard fun, locker initial

Super cute right? Now who's gonna go make one? Raise your hand . . . please let me know below if you think you will try this project as I would love to know if anyone was inspired. Or maybe you have already done a locker craft of your own . . . let me know what you did below . . . ;)

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  1. You hit it! Cute, Crafty, Easy & Functional.

    1. I try! lol I appreciate you saying that Tracey as I think it turned out great! Thanks!

  2. How fun! Would totally work in a girls room, but I love the locker idea!

    1. Definitely would & would be cute in there as well. Thanks for the love!

  3. I loved having a locker as a kid. Keeping it organized was one of the highlights from high school, LOL. This is such a cute project!

    1. thanks so much Cori. My daughter was so psyched to get a locker this year & we needed it to look fab, so well . . .here she goes! ;)

  4. I work in YA services at a library, and we are doing this for a teen program today! :)


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