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SHOPPING :: IKEA finds {January}

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As you know, one of my FAVE places to shop is IKEA! I have to go there about every other month or I start twitching a bit to go. LOL But no, seriously, I would go once a month but man, I have like ZERO control in this store. It's like you walk in and ride that escalator up to 'idea heaven' and you leave all self control at the door. Anyone feel me on this as I know I can NOT be the only one? 

Regardless I love me some IKEA shopping and I know a lot of you do too so I thought maybe after my last post I shared on my IKEA shopping finds, that you would like to see what I find on a more regular basis. Soooooo having said that, I will be sharing with you my trips going forward as I love to inspire you with some 'eye candy' here on my blog. Cool? Cool.

On my recent trip there to gather ideas and grab some more items I needed for a couple home projects I am working on, I snapped these pics of some new items they had plus a few of my faves. Enjoy my IKEA finds!

IKEA living 'room, grey couch, decor ideas, IKEA, shopping at IKEA
I like this couch and love grey couches so win win on this set up. I am also eyeballing this coffee table as I would really like a new one. I love the shelves above the couch and ended up picking up TWO of them in white for a pre-Christmas gallery wall I did. LOVE them!

white coffee table from IKEA, IKEA living room, IKEA shopping finds, shopping at IKEA, living room ideas
Kinda crushing on this coffee table too in white. I have noticed that I am navigating towards white furniture lately instead of black and kinda loving it. And then there's that light hanging from above, which is such the sweetest little lamp. I want it but need to figure out a spot perhaps. ;)


plank wall idea, IKEA shopping, bedroom decor
This wall. Am really loving it, isn't it fab? I think it would look great on a bathroom wall as well.

closet space, organizational ideas from IKEA, IKEA shopping, stool, white table, purple runner rug, closet solutions
Every time I go I have to visit this little area as I would LOVE to someday have this set up because how amazing is this? In the meantime, I am trying to figure out a way to bring some of this awesome-ness into my own walk-in closet. Even incorporating a few of these ideas would get me one step closer, right? ;)

storage solutions from IKEA, IKEA shopping finds, white storage cabinet, wall unit ideas
See that unit, the one here in the background? Well let's just say that I created a whole wall unit out of these in my new craft room towards the end of last year that I still need to share with you all and boy, do I love them! I did some with the doors and left some open shelving and it is so nice to have a 'home' for every little craft supply. I really like this piece in the front too since it matches. It's not a bright white but a white that has some grey running through the grain panels - LOVE! 

grey area rug, IKEA shopping finds, grey couch, IKEA couch, living room ideas, marsala pillows
I NEED a new area rug in my living room and wondering IF this one should be the winner. I have one just like this in there now which I got from IKEA a couple years ago but we purchased it in a spring green color.

retro storage unit, Ikea storage solution. IKEA storage unit, IKEA shopping
This is one of the new pieces I spotted while I was there and it's got a really cool retro vibe to it that I think would look fabulous in the right setting.

living room decor, marsala area rug, geometric pillows, marsala walls, retro living room, grey IKEA couch
This was my fave photo from my visit as it has a retro vibe that reminds me of my childhood, growing up in the 70's. I LOVE the geometric prints and did you notice anything else that is on TREND? Yup . . . pretty sure that is marsala on the walls and that is a rug in marsala, which is THE Pantone color of the year!


black storage unit, IKEA shopping find, bar idea
This was in the office section but I think this piece would look fab set up as a bar area. It has the right amount of storage inside and can you just imagine a nice bar set up on top? Would look sweet!

dining room, glass table from IKEA, dining solutions, clear dining chairs
These chairs are just amazing  . . . what can I say. Every time I have to sit in them because they just look so so soooooo good sitting there. Am I wrong? And the thing is, they look great with ANY style table.

aqua bubble glasses, IKEA barware, circle pattern glass
I haven't YET. But these glasses would match my kitchen and my plates and my serving pieces and just about everything else BUT I don't NEED them. But they are super cool to look at. ;)

sewing room ideas, office storage ideas, pink storage boxes, IKEA storage, white office table, black and white office chair, shelf storage
I love how they show this small space but each part of it serves a purpose. Each detail has a job. It definitely utilized every spare inch for storage or working space. And those hot pink storage boxes at the top? Yeah, bought those in ALL the sizes they came in  . . .ya know, for all my storage needs in my office!

gift wrap from IKEA, green wrapping paper, green paper products
The 'paper' section filled with all kinds of goodies, never ceases to amaze me. This time they showed how you could take their tissue paper and make these gorgeous tissue flowers for gift toppers. Such a classic idea.

party supplies, IKEA party ware, gift wrap solutions, black and white giftwrap
They carry such an amazing variety of items to use for party decor, wrapping needs and fun stationary items in ALL kinds of colorways.


sweater blankets, black and beige decor, IKEA shopping
I was totally digging this cable knit sweater blanket. How comfy cozy does this look? ;)

white wicker chair, IKEA shopping, white side table, brown picture frames
Those picture frames are a new item and I picked up a couple to add some warmth to a new area I am working on in my house. I love them and they will make their appearance here on the blog soon. 

I hope you will stay tuned to see what I do with some of my IKEA finds. In the meantime, here are a few of the posts I have done using products from IKEA:
- Creating a Mudroom
- Sneak Peek - Girls Bedroom Makeover
- How to Create a Gallery Wall
- Decorating with Vinyl

Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .

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