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SHOPPING :: IKEA finds [July edition]

IKEA shopping finds, dining table, shelves, kitchen ideas, dinnerware

Hello and welcome to the latest addition of 'IKEA shopping finds', which is what I share that caught my eye, on my latest trip to IKEA!!! As you already know, IKEA is one of my most favorite stores and I am fortunate to have one within a half hour from me so ya know, we are kinda 'besties' now! ;)

This summer I have been trying to finish up a lot of big room makeovers as well as mini makeovers to different areas of my home.  One of the things I love about IKEA is that I can shop for multiple projects all under one roof plus their stuff is just awesome, let's just call it as it is, shall we? ;)

If you would like to see what I found on my last couple trips, feel free to check out my finds here, when I went in January and also in May. Oh and I WILL be making another trip here in the next couple weeks already since HELLOOOOOOOO . . . new catalog = NEW awesome finds! ;)

On this particular trip, I grabbed a couple items for a specific project I am working on, that I will be sharing here next week so make sure to come back for that. AND since inspiration is everywhere there, I was snapping pics like nobody's business and am sharing it here for you! Enjoy my latest IKEA finds!

white kitchen ideas, IKEA kitchen, blush lampshades, white kitchen cabinets
Oh this kitchen . . . where do I start? I mean LOOK at all of the amazing WHITE everything!!! I love the lighting over the table which gives it a pop of color (btw- I have those lamp shades in white in my bedroom because they rock) and the wall treatment with the tiling and all the tiny details = LOVE! Plus look at those cabinets and the open shelving over the farmhouse sink! And the tile on the wall, so on point!  
IKEA kitchen cabinets, farmhouse sink, kitchen ideas, kitchen makeover

IKEA storage solutions, entry way, storage boxes, cabinet doors, shelf
This storage cabinet was situated as an entry storage area and on the opposite wall was hooks and I believe a bench. Loved the wood doors on this unit.

IKEA dining room ideas, hooks, shelving ideas, organization ideas, cabinets
One of my fave things that IKEA does and does SO well is make great use of every inch of an area and this photo is no exception. Next to the back cabinet they have these LEKSVIK hooks for hanging (which I bought for my project you'll see next week) and then here to the right of the door, they have shelving that works with this table and chairs. Loved this small area.

IKEA storage, bar area idea, art primts, bar shelf, cocktail glasses
Lately I have been drawn to 'bar areas' at IKEA and it's probably due to the fact that I would love to find a way to incorporate one in my home but not sure where just yet. But hey there . . . love that shelving, which is new, on the wall to hold the glassware (which I bought one of those too) and I am loving the dark wall with the fun art prints, the white shelf that pops off the wall and the area underneath to mix up some cocktails.

IKEA dining ideas, dining table bench, tableware, pitcher, lighting
This dining table was a new item and it caught my eye for a number of reasons . . . it would be great to give you the choice of more seating as it has the extra extension on the end plus it's done in a light wood color that could easily be painted a super fun color if you chose. Personally I love benches with dining tables too.

wall unit, IKEA table, circle mirror, cabinets, storage solutions, flowers
What a perfect idea . . . this table that attaches to the wall, giving you a different look for a table that perhaps sits in an entry way or hallway. This would work out so perfect in a tiny space and I loved the colors.

IKEA storage ideas, glass shelves, baskets, clock, boxes, home decor
Not gonna say much about this except . . . LOVE LOVE LOVE this! And you guessed it . . . I may have bought this in the singular shelf option and I may have bought TWO of them to complete a storage area I am working on to hold all of my props I use for the blog and parties. ;)

IKEA bathroom ideas, cabinet, sink, round mirrors, bathroom storage
I love circular mirrors in bathrooms and I love their bathroom cabinet section. They have some really amazing ideas for storage and I always get the best ideas in this area.
IKEA storage ideas, closet storage, shoe storage, clothing storage
In my dreams is where I find me having a closet like this one. But in the meantime I will use as many ideas from this as will fit in the one I have. This closet just rocks!

IKEA kids rooms, white shelves, gingham print bedding, girls bedroom ideas
This sweet little girls bedroom is so cozy and cute. I have always loved the daybed look for kids rooms and this one is fabulous. Lots of storage ideas and ways to decorate.

party supplies at IKEA, paper goods, pink arty supplies, animal bunting
And what's a trip to IKEA without a visit to the party/paper goods section right? They always have such bright and happy items and on this trip this animals bunting was so cute!

funky lighting, IKEA ligjting, dinign table, grey chair, IKEA dining, yellow cabinets
I am pretty sure plum is one of THE colors for the fall season as I saw a lot of it there. Love the look of this room with the pop of color with the yellow cabinets. Oh yeah and that lighting over the table is so much fun.

IKEA art prints, gold LOVE art print, floral art print, black & white rose
One of my fave sections is always the art area as they have great framing choices plus tons of art prints to use. These were just a few of the NEW ones they have available right now. Oh and that post I'm gonna share next week may have some in it that I didn't show here. ;) If you like black 'n white whimsical art, then you will love seeing exactly what I have done!
alphabet art print, IKEA art prints, colorful prints, multi color art prints

IKEA storage ideas, vlack shelving, white bar stools, framed art
This is the perfect idea for someone who would love to incorporate a small sitting area. Just add a shelf and it becomes practical as well.

IKEA bulk candy, candy bar, pick & mix candy, candy options
and then I saved THIS for last. The brand new infamous candy bar!!!! Anything you could imagine is here and you just help yourself, weigh it and pay. I personally recommend the caramel banana candy - it was delish!
I hope you will stay tuned to see what I do with some of my IKEA finds. In the meantime, here are a few of the posts I have done using products from IKEA:
- Creating a Mudroom
- Sneak Peek - Girls Bedroom Makeover
- How to Create a Gallery Wall
- Decorating with Vinyl

IKEA rugs, living room idea, grey couch, teal & grey area rug, pillows

Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .

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