Monday, July 6, 2015


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Ahhhhhh the dog days of summer! We are about half way through summer and we have been enjoying some summertime fun here and you may have noticed that I have cut back on new content for the blog a little bit. I figured most people are doing the same as me . . . enjoying the summer and plus I have a bazillion things on my home to-do" list that I have been working on. Plus it gives me lots of new content for the fall on the blog- YAY! Have you been working on any home projects? I am in the middle of a bathroom reno & installing new floors in there this week and I am finally painting all of the trim WHITE on the upstairs hallway which looks soooooo much better than the old dark wood! Can't wait to share with you all.

So lets take a look back over what you all were reading in June & viewed the most. I would also like to say THANK YOU to all who stop by to read, comment from time to time & send me emails. I SEE IT ALL! So thanks again. xoxo

:: TOP POSTS for June 2015 ::

  FREE Father's Day Art Print + Dessert Table Idea

Coldstone Creamery, hand lettered art print, Father's Day, dessert table
how to make a cincinnati chili dog, hot dog, hebrew national, chili dog, cinci

DIY craft, craft for your dog, personalized dog placemat, hand lettering

So now you are all caught up on some of the most read posts here on my blog. Hopefully you will just add me to your BlogLovin feed so you don't miss any posts. =) You can find it on the top right sidebar here - super easy to do!
See you next time!

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