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CRAFT :: Halloween Eyeball Wreath

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Hey everyone! Today I want to share a super easy wreath I made the other night in about 15 minutes! My daughter is having a Halloween party this year and I wanted a new wreath to hang on our front door to greet her guests when they arrive plus I was feeling all crafty and wanted to make something, so a new wreath it was! 

Why purple?  . . . well since the mantel was all decked out in all purple and green this year, it seemed only fitting, plus I have a super cute yard flag out front that has purple as the main color and I needed to balance it all, because it makes me a little crazy when things are not balanced! lol So when the girl and I made our weekly Target trip last week, I looked around for something that would work for my wreath and lucked out in my search! 

Why all the eyeballs? As you can may have noticed if you are a regular here, I am having a moment with eyeballs, after using them when I made my Halloween eyeball garland for the mantel, I had plenty left over, so I decided to use them with my new supplies and I think they made the whole wreath! Hope you like it too, as it turned out more festive than I imagined in my head and that is a good thing! YAY!

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This is how to make this quick 'Halloween Eyeball Wreath':

Step 1:
Gather all of the supplies you will need. I still have pool noodles from when I bought a ton of them on clearance, so I used that for my wreath form, but you can obviously use any wreath form you like. I grabbed this black burlap ribbon and these little chalkboard signs in the Dollar Spot at Target. I already had the googly eyes and the purple bead strand and I picked up this black and purple garland while I was in Target and found it back in the Halloween section. I will mention it comes in green as well, if you prefer.

supplies need to make a halloween wreath, target, spritz, ribbon

Steps 2-4:
2. Start with the roll of ribbon and hot glue it to the wreath form before you start wrapping to keep it in place. Once you've glued in place, wrap the black ribbon all around the wreath form until you have completely covered it. I will mention I used two rolls of black burlap ribbon for the pool noodle form. When you get to the end glue in place. 

3. Unroll the purple garland and hot glue to the outside edge of the wreath form until you go all the way around.

4. You will also be gluing the purple garland to the front of the wreath form to give it some fullness.

wrapping wreath with ribbon, purple garland, burlap ribbon, pool noodle craft

Steps 5-6:
5. For the mini chalkboard sign, I changed out the ribbon for the purple beading so it matched better. 

6. I then tool a few smaller googly eyes and hot glued them in the corners. I grabbed one of my chalk paint pens and wrote 'welcome' on it.

chalkboard sign, chalk paint pen, googly eyes, purple beads, wreath

Step 7-8:
7. Take as many googly eyes as you like and randomly hot glue them all around the wreath.

8. The last step is to take a ribbon of your choosing (I used a piece of black zigzag ribbon) to use to hang the wreath.


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Who else loves Halloween crafting? I hope you will give your own Halloween eyeball wreath a try and let me know how yours turns out if you do, as I would love to see it!

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  1. This is really creative and fun :) Perfect for halloween x

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