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SHOPPING :: IKEA finds [September edition]

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Hey there everyone and welcome to the latest addition of 'IKEA shopping finds', which is what I share that caught my eye, on my latest trip to IKEA!!! As it is turning out, I've decided to update you on what IKEA is carrying about every other month for now, as you all know it is one of my most favorite stores and I am fortunate to have one within a half hour from me so ya know, I may visit it quite often.

I snuck in a trip the last week of September but haven't had a chance to share with you until now. While I was there, I couldn't believe that they actually had Christmas items out already! I may or may not have grabbed a couple things as their items go fast but I will be sharing all of the Christmas finds in a separate post for you in the next week. One of the reasons I love going to IKEA is that I can shop for multiple projects all under one roof because it seems that I always have multiple projects going on at home so it kind of works for me!

If you are curious what I found the last couple trips, feel free to check out my finds here, when I went in January, in May and also in July. Oh and I WILL be making another trip here in the next couple weeks because I may have been invited to an event there. Sssshhhh, I am so psyched for it and can't wait to share more deets about that, but more on that later! ;)

On this trip, I picked up a few items for a specific project I am working on, that I will be sharing here in the next couple weeks so make sure to come back for that. One of my favorite things about going, is that inspiration is everywhere, I am always snapping pics like nobody's business and am sharing it here for you! The cool part about that is I always have these posts to go back and look at even for inspiration for my projects since they change in the store every trip, I will always have them here. Enjoy my latest IKEA finds!

dining table, chairs, mirror, dining room ideas, artwork, pillows, lighting
This area is a personal fave as I always talk about making my kitchenette area look like this but I already re-did it (which you will soon see). But loving the bench with all of the pillows that you could change out seasonally. AND those chairs - seriously fab!

modern kitchen ideas, loveseat, dining table, lighting, IKEA kitchen ideas
How great would it be to actually have a kitchen, dining and living space that was open like this? If you have it already, consider yourself lucky. This is an amazing floor plan and loving all the ways they make it work together.

organization ideas, living room ideas at IKEA, lighting, white furniture
Love the soft color palette in this room set up. The lighting fixture is so amazing - almost brought it home this time but need to find a place first.

storage table, leather furniture, area rug, living room ideas at IKEA
I honestly didn't 'notice' what they are using as a coffee table here until I was looking at these photos BUT I will check it out again when I return in a couple weeks as that looks like a great idea for storage + coffee table AND I just happen to be in the market for a new solution in my house. Looks like two storage bins put together back to back . . .  cool deal-io!

modern kitchen ideas at IKEA, modern lighting solutions, cabinets
I am in love with the flooring in this room. Oh and the cute little cart here and those green lights -so much fun!

wood dining table, dining chairs, white cabinets, dining area ideas at IKEA
This table must be new as I have never noticed it before but how perfect is this table for family gatherings? Envision it all decked out for the holidays - it would be amazing!

office ideas at IKEA, white desk, shelving solutions, office storage
A couple fun ideas here: the shelving on the wall, see how they utilized that space to put some wrapping paper = genius! I also like the way they stair stepped the shelves above the desk. Oh and I may 'need' those tall storage drawers on an upcoming visit, just sayin'.

large office table & chairs, wall shelves, overheard lighting solutions
If I had a need for a conference table and chairs, this would be an option. The chairs are so fun and that rug is the best! Love the shelving on the back wall as I did something similar to that for my gallery wall above my couch, that I will be sharing soon.

retro highback chair, yellow chair, vintage table, vase, lighting ideas
Check out that yellow chair - isn't it fab? Personally NOT my style but I thought it was awesome! And that table reminds me of my childhood in the seventies. Both work so well together. Very mod chic.

ideas for closet organization at IKEA, walk in closet ideas, clothing storage
This closet! I mean . . .I can't even deal. Swooning!!!!!!

dinig room cabinet, floor lamps, table, area rug, IKEA home ideas
A very cottage feel to this set up. Perfect for someone who decorates with florals and gingham.

candlestick holders, colored glassware at IKEA, amber glassware
I kept seeing this new colored glassware everywhere and it is so pretty. I am totally getting a vintage feel with them and love the variety of colors they come in.

storage ideas, dining room table, bench, table runner, aprons, IKEA dining
I really like the look here as I am feeling an industrial vibe with this whole raw wood bench and table, the black runners and if they just added some silver candlesticks or a bowl in the middle, it would be set. ;)

black wood dining table, dining chairs, placemat, white dinnerware
So many things I love in this photo. I love the light hanging over the table as I am looking for one over my dining table and the simplistic modern vibe of this one I like. And the dinnerware . . . plus I like the rug!!! Like a LOT!

modern lighting solutions at IKEA, copper accents on lamp, colored lamps
Since I'm in the market for some overhead lighting, I spent some time in this department and these all caught my eye as the colors are awesome and the copper accents on this first light are so on point! LOVE!!

black & white decor, candles, vase, storage boxes, organization ideas at IKEA
Loving all of the candles, fun boxes to store items in and the pillows!!!!

formal dining room chair covers, IKEA dining chairs, IKEA chairs
I spotted these bad boys on my way out and will have to check them out more on my next visit as I have some formal dining room chairs that could use a makeover and these would be perfect, I think.

wood cabinet, storage solutions at IKEA, glass storage containers
Seriously? Isn't this wood cabinet like the motherload of storage? I love this and all of the tiny storage containers! LOVE!!!!! . . .you could use this for storage in so many different places.

I hope you will stay tuned to see what I do with some of my IKEA finds. In the meantime, here are a few of the posts I have done using products from IKEA:
- Creating a Mudroom
- Sneak Peek - Girls Bedroom Makeover
- How to Create a Gallery Wall
- Decorating with Vinyl

modern kitchen ideas at IKEA, IKEA west chester, kitchen style

Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .


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