Thursday, October 22, 2015

DECOR :: Halloween Mantel Ideas

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Welcome friends! Today I am sharing my latest decorating ideas for a Halloween mantel. Every year I have shown the different ways that I have decorated my mantel as I always love arranging it in different ways because my mantel is one of my favorite things about my home as it makes such a statement with all of the stone that goes up to the ceiling and it's one of the reasons I loved this place. I also keep adding to my Halloween decor and getting a few new pieces to decorate with every year, so there's that too! ;)

There is so many different ways to make up a mantel which is why I look forward to every holiday and the chance to see what I can do next. I have done a glam Halloween mantel theme, a black and white theme and a few others but this year the purples and greens were really shouting at me to be showcased, so that's the way we went! I love how it turned out and hope you enjoy perusing through my photos of my mantel for this year! 

trick or treat sing, witch's broom, green pumpkins, halloween mantel

halloween mantel deorating ideas, halloween home decor, crafts

candlelabra, glam pumpkins, subway art, halloween mantel decor
black & white stripe candles, halloween subway art, BOO, framed art
black & white candles, purple pumpkin, eyeball garland, spider, mantel
ideas for decorating your mantel for halloween, sunway art, spider web

glam spider, candleholder, subway art, purple spider decor, mantel decor

pom pom garland, google eyes, halloween garland, eyeball garland

The majority of the things I used this year, are things I already had. For instance, the green fall bunting wreath hanging from the mirror you may remember from my front door a couple years ago, I just love how versatile it has been. The pop of green really coordinates well and I always like to hang a wreath from that mirror. The Halloween Subway Art I designed for you a few years ago and if you missed it, you can get it as a FREE printable here. Feel free to hop on over there and print one out for yourself.

I always find a few new items from the dollar spot at Target because I mean, who doesn't, and I added them in as well this year. I also made the Halloween eyeball garland just this year and it was super quick so check out how to make one for your mantel when you get the chance, as you still have time. The only other thing on the mantel that is new are those black and white stripe candles, which I picked up at Target's Halloween section, and
I can't wait to put them to use at our Halloween party because they light up!

spider web, Boo sign, witch's broom, purple halloween mantel

BOO sign, spider web, decorated halloween mantel, trick or treat sign

full mantel view, decorated halloween mantel, green & purple halloween

If you would like to see my other Halloween decorated mantels from the years past, you can check it out here in my glam Halloween mantel decor or the black and white Halloween mantel. I am loving this year's mantel and hope you liked it too. What colors did you do your Halloween mantel this year? Let me know below as I'd love to hear from you . . .

Have a great one . . . until next time my friends! xoxo


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  1. Great color combo here! I love it!

  2. I LOVE your mantel and all of the glitter! It's just the right amount of spooky without being too scary for the kids!

  3. Wow, I loooove the green and purple color combo! So cute!

  4. This mmakes me wish I had a mantle! I love the green and purple color combo!

  5. I haven't gotten my Halloween decorations out yet. Maybe today I can get it done.

  6. I love what you did on your mantel. You are so creative. Purple and green is such a nice combination.

  7. This looks awesome! Terrific job with decorating!

  8. LOVE this! Purple and green are my favorite color combos for Halloween. Our new house doesn't have a fireplace, so now I decorate one of our bookshelves with holiday decor.

  9. I love your decorating ideas. I need a house with a mantle because I have so many ideas!

  10. I love this! It's so beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do for the holidays!

  11. so cute love the color combo! YAY, I can comment. :)

  12. I love the color scheme and all that glitter! Divine!

  13. I love the sparkly Halloween pumpkins, especially the green one. Green is my favorite color. Seeing this makes me wish that I had a mantle to decorate.

  14. I love the Halloween mantel. I am a huge fan of glitter! I love the purple and green combo.


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