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REAL PARTY :: Halloween Sleepover Party

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Halloween Sleepover Party

I love Halloween and so does my daughter as every year I would like to throw a huge party but sometimes it doesn't work out so when my daughter started asking to have a party with a few of her school friends, I said yes! She has been wanting to get her friends together for a little party for awhile now AND she has been wanting a sleepover, so what better time than to just do BOTH at once and do it on one of the best holidays of the year: Halloween! I decided to use my Glam Halloween party collection from my shop for the this party as I did not have time to re-design something new, so with a few tweaks from a 'cocktail' party to a 'sleepover', we were in business and the invites went out!

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Thankfully I had a lot of the decor items already from past Halloween parties but I did collect a few things beforehand for this party that came in handy. Plus I used some of the printables for the signs and food table to add a little more whimsical to this party since it was for tween girls! ;)
I used lots of color but kept the main black, white and orange Halloween color palette the more dominant across the party. I love how fun it turned out for the girls plus my daughter and her friends are still talking about it! YAY! Cool mom points are ALWAYS a bonus! ;)

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the FOOD
I tried to keep the menu simple and fun by ordering pizza for dinner before they did a few crafting items, played games and hung out. I made spider cupcakes, monster cupcakes, some Halloween bark, Reese's bats and ghost marshmallow pops for them to snack on before they enjoyed their popcorn watching movies later on. Oh and I also whipped up some of my 'rat poison' drink and served it to them via bar cart while they were playing a few games! ;)

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Reese's bats, Oreos, black & white pumpkin, halloween party treats

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I tried to keep a good healthy balance come morning for breakfast serving up festive donuts, pumpkin tangerines and candy corn cups (which are just layered pineapple chunks, mandarins & topped with whip cream). The girls loved the fruit cups (candy corn cups) and they were the first thing gone!

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candy corn cups, pineapple chunks, mandarins, whip cream, marshmallows

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The girls had a blast, made lots of great memories that they will hopefully remember forever and they can't wait until we can do it again. That to me is a successful party and makes all of the work that went into it worthwhile. This momma has done her job! ;)

Hope you enjoyed the ideas and taking a peek into the party fun! Let me know below what your favorite idea was that you saw . . .

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  1. You always have such creative ideas I love your Halloween party ideas!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I am also a huge Halloween fanatic! It's such a fun holiday. I love the little reese's bats!

  3. This party looks awesome! I want to come.

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  6. This is the cutest party ever! I'm sure the kids had a blast! Those snacks are perfect :)

    1. wow - you are too sweet, thanks so much! And YES, the girls had so much fun & the snacks were a hit! ;)

  7. This party turned out so cute! My daughter would love it!

    1. well hopefully you can save some of the ideas for next year as the ideas are pretty simple. Thanks for the love ;)

  8. wonderful party! I love so many things about it! Pinning!

  9. What an awesome party. Everything is so pretty.

  10. Oh my goodness, love how this party came together and that you took the glam angle!

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    1. yes please do as they are so much fun to do! Thanks for checking it out!

  12. What a fun party! I think next year I'm going to plan a Halloween party for my son and his friends.

    1. do it! And let me know if you need any printables like I used here! ;)

  13. Looks like it was an absolute blast! I'm impressed with all the work you put into it! <3

  14. oooh! I love all of your decorations! So fun, especially the BOO!

  15. Ummmm omg cutest sleepover ever!!! Loving the whole setup! Totally my kind of thing :) so fab :)

  16. Just WOW!! You did an amazing job and I love all the attention to detail!

  17. This is such a cute set up! I love it and can't wait to have kids of my own so that we can have mini-parties together. :)


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