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CRAFT :: Nautical Rag Wreath

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Hello there! 

It's the middle of summer and what better time to get your 'craft on' and make something fun! Am I right? Today I am sharing how simple it is to make a nautical wreath for your home or front door using the fabric rag method and trust me, it's super easy to do!

Since my daughter is home for summer break, I love being able to craft with her and see what ideas she comes up with too. She enjoys to craft right along side of me so of course ANY chance I get to craft with her is always a good time. ;) After her thirteenth birthday this year, we decided to start on her bathroom re-do since we had already tackled her bedroom makeover and this was the other thing on our list for her, so she suggested making a wreath for her bathroom to match some nautical items we picked up the other day when we were shopping at Michaels. She found an anchor art print to go in her new bathroom so she thought making a wreath with an anchor would be fun to match as well. Great mind that kid of mine has! ;)

So we picked up a few supplies we needed, while there and we would like to share how we made it with you . . . 

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Let's see just how easy it is to make this fun Nautical Rag Wreath:

1. Gather all of your supplies! We used a flat wreath form, your fabric color of choice, jute twine, scissors, a wooden anchor or other wood item to paint, paint and paintbrushes.

supplies to make nautical rag wreath, michaels, decoart paint

2. The first she did was paint the wooden anchor – white paint on the front and the sides a darker teal blue. She then did some shading on top too (for dimension).

Deco Art paint, anchor, wood anchor, rag wreath steps, nautical wreath

3. Next, you will take your fabric and cut them into 1 inch wide strips by 7 inches long. To do this, I used two fabric quarters to complete the wreath, folded each in half and then made small cuts about every inch and then pulled the fabric to “rip” it to get the rag look. Hope that makes sense but if not feel free to email me. You can choose to pull off all of the loose threads from tearing the fabric or leave them – the ‘look’ is totally up to you! 

tear strips of fabric, rag wreath making, tie on strips of fabroc, wreath

4. To create this look, simply tie each piece of fabric you tore around the wreath form, into a knot, until you have it about three quarters of the way filled. (like photo below). This will take a little bit of time to complete but it’s not hard. We tied these in the front but play around with different looks . . . perhaps the knot on the side. 

shabby fabric strips, rag wreath steps, how to make a rag wreath

5. Next take a piece of jute, tie in a knot and simply keep wrapping it around the remainder of the wreath and then tie off. 

jute, twine, nautical wreath, rag wreath, steps to making a rag wreath

6. Cut off a piece of jute (ours was probably 80 inches long) and tie together so you have one big circle. Fold over into fours and then place under the wreath form and loop through to create this look below that will allow you to hang it on a wall or perhaps a front door, even. 

jute, step by step to making a rag wreath, sea blue fabric, beach wreath

7. The last step to your fabric rag wreath, is to tie your painted anchor on. We placed ours off to the top left.

wooden anchor, painted anchor on wreath, summer wreath idea, nautical

nautical wreath, how to make a rag wreath, nautical home decor

That is it! What a cute wreath right? She was so excited to have something new to match that anchor art we bought for her new bathroom decor and I promise to have a full reveal on my blog when we finish it. But for now I can always hang this on our front door to enjoy this summer! I will mention that this project is NOT hard to do but it does take a little time, so make sure to allow for that. It would be a perfect craft to do while you are perhaps watching a movie . . .tie all of those fabric pieces on and before you know it, it's complete!

DIY craft, wreath, how to make a rag wreath, nautical wreath, beach theme

Super cute right? Have you ever made a wreath using the fabric rag method? Do you think you will make your own now that you know?
I would love to know . . . ;)

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This post was originally published at Design Dazzle on June 6, 2016. 


  1. That is so pretty! I especially love that color blue.

  2. This Nautical Rag Wreath is beautiful and you make it look so easy to make. I have been looking for something like this to go in the girls' bathroom that will match their decor.

  3. This is the cutest wreath! I love coastal decor, nand this is such a cute one.

  4. This is beautiful! I'd love one for our beach house. It really brightens a door or wall and I love the colors.

  5. How creative. I must say that has to be the cutest wreath ever.

  6. I love how the blue and brown complement each other. It's really pretty. Hand made wreaths are so much nicer than store bought ones. :)

  7. Blue and brown are my colors all around my house! I love it! The wreath is super cute and your pics are great!

  8. Oh! I wish I would have seen this last week. My sisters baby shower was nautical and I could not come up with a cute wreath that would look good in a boys room.


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