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CRAFT :: Welcome Wreath

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Why hello there! 

I hope you all are enjoying this summer and staying cool as the heat has been crazy hot this year, am I right? I have a little project to share with you for those days when you feel like getting out of the heat to get your 'craft on' and make something fun! Today I am going to share how simple it is to make a cute welcome wreath for your home or front door with just a few supplies!

The nautical trend is big this year so I knew I wanted to incorporate something in that theme for this wreath. On my latest trip to Michaels I found this little sign that looks like a beach sign, which I knew I could hand letter something on, as well as this nautical rope in navy and white that I knew would match so perfectly with my navy door!

After picking up a few supplies I needed to make this wreath, I headed home to get my craft on. . . 

hand lettered, welcome sign, beach sign, nautical wreath, navy & white
how to make a wreath, front door wreath, front door decor, nautical

Let's see just how easy it is to make this fun Welcome Wreath:

1. Gather all of your supplies!
For this wreath, you will need: paintbrushes, paint in aqua, white & navy, glue gun, flat wreath form, nautical rope in navy and white and mini wood “beach” sign (which I found in unfinished wood aisle).

DecoArt paint, supplies needed to make a welcome wreath, Michaels

2. Start by painting the edges and the front of the wreath form white and allow to dry.

patio paint, DecoArt, wreath form. painting, nautical rope, supplies

Step 3-4: Paint the front of your little welcome sign but do so with watered down white paint so you get more of a ‘weathered’ look on your welcome sign. I painted the edges of the sign in the aqua paint, then allow to dry. Once it’s dry you will want to hand letter the word ‘welcome’ on your sign. You know me as I love to hand letter all of the things!!!! lol I did the aqua paint first and then went in and added the navy as ‘shading’ to give it some dimension and make it pop a little more. Feel free to practice your ‘welcome’ on a scrap piece of paper before painting on your sign. Also you can lightly sketch it out on the sign before you paint it – as that’s what I do! ;)

hand lettering, welcome, hand lettered, welcome sign, beach sign

Step 5: Using your glue gun, attach the rope to your wreath form. You should have enough for it to go around three times.

nautical rope, navy & white tope, welcome wreath, summer wreath

Step 6: Glue on your welcome sign with a drop or two of glue, off to the side.

welcome sign, nautical wreath, how to make a front door wreath

Step 7: This step is NOT necessary to do but I like a more ‘finished’ look so I grabbed a piece of ribbon and wrapped and glued it around the area I just glued the welcome sign on so it gives it added ‘staying power’. Plus I think it looks better with it now.

navy & white wreath, nautical wreath, welcome wreath, welcome sign

I finished off the wreath by adding a tiny aqua coordinating bow on the welcome sign as well as using that same ribbon for a hanger for your wreath. All done! =)

summer wreath, welcome, hand lettered, home decor, nautical decor
hand lettered welcome sign, nautical wreath making, how to make a wreath

That is it! You are all done! How cute is this wreath right? I love the way it looks on my front door and makes the perfect wreath for ANY time of the year but I am loving it for summer right now.

navy & aqua wreath, welcome sign, hand lettered, beach sign
wreath craft, home decor, DIY decor, welcome wreath, beach sign

Who loves this wreath? Do you think you will make your own now that you know how easy it is to make? I would love to know . . . ;)

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This post was originally published at Craftaholics Anonymous on June 21, 2016. 


  1. That is so pretty, I may have to try making one of my own. I love those colors together!

  2. what a great DIY project. It came out so lovely. Very welcoming to any house.

  3. This looks so nice. I love that you can use a glue gun. I'm going to try this with my kids.

  4. This looks a simple DIY project. I like how it turned out

  5. I think I might make one of these to hang on the door to our boat cabin! It will give me a reason to pick up a glue gun!

  6. It's simple, eye-catching, and gorgeous. I'd love one for our beach house! We do have a glue gun.

  7. I absolutely LOVE DIY crafts that are easy and stylish! This is something that even I could make and I'm not crafty! Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. oh my that sign is easy peasy to make. Love your DIY crafts. Thanks


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