Friday, October 5, 2012

{Art Party PICNIC} Using the New "CREATE" collection

Today I am sharing an idea I came up with right before the kids went back to school. I wanted to "create" a party that could be used for a variety of themes & that you could put your own spin on!  

I can see this theme used for an art party - ANY time of year. Possibly even a birthday party. That's just it! This theme has the potential to be used in sooooo many ways - which is why I kept it a 'generic' theme so you can have a little celebration ANY time of year. You will find it's filled with BRIGHT colors & fun patterns. 

When planning the details of this party, I had come across some adorable party items from Target & decided to switch up my design just enough to where everything would coordinate together just perfect!

I also wanted this party to incorporate a few things. I wanted to use the wildly popular "chalkboard" somehow, I wanted it to incorporate "art" of some kind and the MOST important thing - to incorporate a PICNIC!

Knowing it was going to be outside, I knew I wanted to keep things simple & fun & let the kids enjoy one last "hurrah" before going back to school.

So I bring you the "CREATE" collection interpreted into an
"Art Party Picnic"!

:: the ACTIVITY ::
Since we were going to have the picnic party in the park, my daughter & I scouted out the perfect spot, days before & discovered this little gem of a table right in the middle of the park - it was a table & four chairs made out of concrete & was just "their size" . . . seemed perfect to have the kids draw "nature" with their blackboards & chalk to "create" their masterpieces!

:: DIY TIP:: 

I made the blackboard canvases myself - super easy & super cheap!

To make 4 chalkboards:
 - purchase 2 heavy foam core boards & cut in half
- paint one side with chalkboard paint (I did 2 coats to be sure)
- then I added neon duck tape to the edges to give them some character!

They were sturdy enough for them to draw on time & time again & I know all the kids LOVED taking them home along with their dessert cups of colored chalk! If you need a good "how to" check out this post on how to make the chalkboards for this party!

:: the PICNIC ::
The thing I loved about planning this art party picnic was keeping everything SIMPLE! Not every party has to be all fancy - this one took about 20 minutes to set up both areas! I had to make it quick as the kids were very anxious so I planned for simple, mostly store-bought food that could be set up quickly. I will confess though that the white bench I set the food on, I did a 'mock' set-up at home to ensure everything would fit & I brought the right items to hold everything. lol
I used a tablecloth for the picnic blanket & my sister brought a couple matching blankets for the kids to sit on - worked just fine!

These adorable gable boxes I found in the party section at Target & matched perfectly. They housed the kids lunch in them. I just added a green ribbon & a topper to it to match the theme. The dessert cups were also picked up at Target & I used them to hold the grapes (also added a topper to them). The stripe storage containers in the back of the food table were in the Dollar Spot section at Target & I just placed a plate on top to hold the goodies. Super easy!

The hot pink & aqua drink pails also came from the Dollar Spot at Target - these are always great to have for parties since they are so versatile! I just painted a spot on the front with chalkboard paint & wrote the kids names on them. Again super easy & FUN!

The kids got to snack on Jell-O, fresh grapes, Oreos, Skittles, fruit slices & then I made these marshmallow pops. Super quick - I used the jumbo marshmallows, dipped the top in melted chocolate & then sprinkled crushed mint Oreos on top! 

Is that "chalk marshmallows"? Why YES, yes it is. I wanted to do something a little creative & tried to make edible chalk marshmallows. More info in this post on how to make "marshmallow chalk".

Keeping the menu simple is key! PB & J sandwiches, cheese dip & pretzel sticks, & a fun candy bracelet was found in their lunch boxes!

The kids LOVED the push-up pops - which had the mini marshmallows in them. These kids are so fun!

:: the DECOR ::
This collection keeps decor simple providing just what you would need for a quick & simple party or celebration to "create".
- 4x6 signs, toppers and paper pack


:: the PHOTO SHOOT ::
This park has the most beautiful settings, so of course we took advantage of it while we were there. These kids are so close - they are cousins & I just adore them ALL! The two in the front are twins & their older sister is the one on the left in the white shirt standing next to my daughter. AND the best part - they are a BLAST to have as models for my business or to have parties with! LOVE them!!! 

I think this is probably my FAVORITE shot from the day! Not sure what Sam is doing in the front but I think he is channeling some 'Saturday Night Fever' - that kid is a trip!


Another fun idea that I have used in a lot of my parties are these wooden conversation bubbles I picked up from Pick Your Plum awhile ago. You guessed it - I just painted them with the chalkboard paint & I can re-use them again & again. They are great for using as photo booth props too!
Since they were all getting ready to start school in a matter of a couple days - we wrote what grades they would be going into. Good mementos to have!

Last shot of the day - love kids just being kids. Warms the heart. ;)

Like I said, this collection is now available in the shop. You can pick up your "CREATE" collection too so you can come up with some creative reasons to celebrate life. 
Some fun ideas for this collection:
- a birthday, a sleep-over, art party, sewing party, baking party, classroom party, a picnic . . . .whatever the reason, just plan a day & get out there and  . . .

Thanks for being a fan & I would love to hear what you think of the latest addition to my shop! Please leave your comment below. 
Have a great day! xoxo 

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  1. Well it was worth the wait! I have dying to see this party and collection for some time now! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I can see how you can change it up for any birthday, art party or even a fun arts and crafts playdate (thinking winter)

    Chalking it up to one talented YOU!


    1. thanks so much - this party was a BLAST to plan & we had so much fun! xoxo

  2. This has got to be the cutest party I've seen in a while.

    1. thanks so much for that compliment! I really appreciate it! Glad you liked it! =) Thanks for being a follower! =)

  3. Laura! Such a fun and bright party! The details as so cute! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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  5. I like that this idea is simple and creative for the kids.

    1. thanks so much & I agree with you - sometimes the simplest ideas turn out the BEST! ;)

  6. Laura you are seriously AMAZING!!! I love all of these ideas and I know that my kids would love this!

    1. ahhhhhh Kaysi and YOU are seriously the sweetest! Thanks for the love & let me know if you want the collection to have a lil party! =)

  7. And it goes on and on... so bright and totally FUN! Another fabulous production Laura. I love it!

  8. So many great ideas in that head of yours! You really give a lot of details -- so helpful!

    1. LOL . . .you have no idea how many ideas I have in there! But I am glad you enjoyed it, this one is a definite fave of mine! =)

  9. I love this and I know my girls would, too!

    1. ahhhh thanks - you need to plan one as it's so much fun albion! =)


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