Friday, February 7, 2014

Craft DIY :: DIY Heart Canvas Art

It's time to get your craft on! I am loving how my latest craft turned out so I am sharing it with you today & showing you just how easy this one is to make for yourself or someone else. It's a simple craft DIY using just a few supplies & a couple hours and then you will have your own DIY heart canvas art!

I made this one for my daughter as I am still currently working on my her bedroom re-do (still) and wanted to make her some custom artwork from her mama, that was simple enough for anyone to make as well. 

You just need to grab a few supplies: canvas, scatters, paint, paintbrush, hot glue gun/glue, and a pencil. I picked up this canvas at Hobby Lobby in a 2-pack for $3.99 & it's 8x10 in size. I also grabbed the scatters (pink and white balls) in the Valentines section at Hobby Lobby at 40% off so this whole project cost me a whopping $6 I think. As far as paint goes, use whatever you have on hand. I chose this Valspar color sample paint from Lowe's (from my paint stash) as I am addicted to these sample sizes & pick a 'few' up every time I am there to use for projects of all kinds.

First you have to make two decisions: what will your shape be & what do you want it to say? For this example, I chose a heart shape and to paint "I" and a U" at the top/bottom for my daughter's art. The scatters will be glued on using the glue gun and the letters will be painted on.

Next, I hand sketched the "I" going along the top and the "u" at the bottom with my pencil. (sorry for the dark photo but purposely made it dark so you could see it)
No worries about your lines being straight or perfect as it's ART . . .ART is always perfectly imperfect! ;)

I would recommend that you "lay out" your shape (heart) first before gluing them down or even painting so you can get a sense at how they will all fit together and how much room you have to paint your letters. Once you get it how you think you'd like it to look, take them off the canvas & move to the side & begin painting!

Like I said earlier, just freehand paint it, no one is judging how great it looks. =) Then after I painted the two letters, I went around the whole edge of the canvas and painted with the same color so my letters looked like they ran off the sides.


Once your paint dries, its time for the final step: gluing on the scatters. For this heart I did the outline first & then filled in until I got this . . . 

The best part is my daughter LOVED it and she always will have something in her room hanging that says "I love u" from her mama! =)

Super easy and quick right? Now who's gonna go make one? Raise your hand . . . please let me know below if you think you will try this project as I would love to know if anyone was inspired. Or maybe you have already done a canvas art . . . let me know what you designed or painted. Try it, you'll love it! ;)

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  1. This is cute! Ill have to try it.

    1. thank you so much, I appreciate you checking it out. It was fun to make & could easily be changed to another design with the same idea. Have fun. =)

  2. So cute Laura! I love the colors and the design!

    1. ahhh thank you so much - the colors match my daughter's room perfectly! ;)

  3. Laura, she will treasure this piece of canvas art - FOREVER! What a perfect way to say I Love You to your daughter. Great tutorial and pics.

    1. I so hope so Tracey as I did it so she will always see it hangin in her bedroom and know how much she means to me! ;)


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