Friday, February 11, 2011

{PART 5} Kids EASY Classroom Party Crafts + IDEAS

Well the final post on this series is the most FUN to me! It's all about making those crafts with your kids at home or having a decent craft to make at those homeroom class parties!
First up - this easy favor to make in class or yet another idea to give as a valentine.
We will call him "Silly Heart Pencil Topper" - k?
To create: (1) - use the craft coloring sheet & color in one of the hearts & cut out, (2) - take pipe cleaner & twist in knot at top of a pencil, (3) - continue wrapping the pipe cleaner around another pencil to create the 'twisted' effect, (4) - repeat on other side until you get the 'antennae' look, (5) - cut a heart shape out of the pattern paper, (6) - fold vertically in 1/2, (7) - snip 2 cuts on the fold  - one about an inch down from the top & the other an inch from bottom - both about 1/2 in., (8) - insert pencil w/ antennae in the 2 holes snipped, (9) - glue on sides of heart from step 1 & adhere to the heart w/ the pencil in it (don't glue entire backside of silly face heart - so it allows you to remove pencil)

Next up . . .   Valentines pencil!
To create: (1) take pipe cleaner & measure down about 8 in & create a loop, (2) cross the loop towards the bottom, (3) twist them together, (4) it should look like this, (5) start twisting the bottom of pipe cleaner around the top of a pencil, (6) looks like this
(7) push down at the center of your loop, (8) this will create the heart shape & adjust it the way you like, (9) should look like this - You can then add a topper as a Valentine & you're done!

Create lots of paper hearts - here's how . . .
(1) Cut pattern paper into long strips, (2) bend in 1/2 vertically & glue together at bottom, (3) bend down the middle to form a heart shape & tape to keep in place

And last but not least . . .
this is an adorable little heart shaped hanger. Perfect craft that the kids can make for someone or to take home & give to parents. For the supplies you will need: coloring craft paper, foam heart forms (found in dollar section at Target), pencils (also found in Target dollar section) & some ribbon.
Have the kids color one of the silly hearts, cut out, glue it down to one of the heart foam cut outs, hole punch a hole at the top, string ribbon through hole, tie in knot & DONE! =)
Simple & cute!
 I truly hope this series of posts have given you some inspiration for some crafts with your kids or ideas to use in your child's classroom for Valentines Day parties.

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To get this Silly Face Hearts Collection on SALE go to my Etsy store here.

I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day & thanks for following!



  1. such cute ideas! my grandgirls will get a kick out of these

  2. Did the Valentine's pencil with my kids today. I hope you wont mind I link you when I blog about where I found the craft.

    And I did 55 of them for all the kids in both my kids classes for tomorrow!! Should be something eh :)

    Thank you for this! So very helpful because I'm not crafty at all.


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