Friday, June 17, 2011

{WINNER} of the 2000 fan GIVEAWAY - was it YOU?


to AMANDA from The Scott Household

here is her comment that made her the WINNER!
The Scott Household said...
I did a post on FB about your giveaway - my birthday is on 
the 4th and hoping that I win the giveaway to help celebrate 
my birthday! Amanda 

Please contact me within 48 hours by email at 
to claim your prizes!!!

I LOVE the fact that she WON simply for the fact that now she is gonna have one AWESOME birthday party - how cool is that? SO EXCITED for her & a big THANK YOU Amanda for being a fan/follower!
Special thanks to ll my FABULOUS vendors for your support & for helping me celebrate this milestone with me!

And most importantly THANK YOU to all my fans / followers for all your support, sharing about this giveaway & all the love that you have given me. I read ALL your comments & posts & am so grateful for all of you!

Don't go too far yet though . . . .I {MAY} just have a little something up my sleeve for next week . . . I maaaaaaaaay NOT be done just yet! {wink}

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!


  1. How cool. We had the same idea if we won My daughter and sons' Birthdays are around the 4th too. CONGRATS that will be one very cool birthday party!!


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