Thursday, June 30, 2011

{FUN PARTY FOOD} Ideas for the 4th of July

I am sharing a few FUN FOOD ideas to incorporate into your 4th of July festivities this weekend

How about this yummy dessert? Fruit Trifle Dessert

I just used a {big} tub of cool whip, 1 angel food cake, strawberries & blueberries.

I broke up the pieces of angel food cake, dropped them in the trifle bowl then repeated layers of angel food cake, whip cream, strawberries, cake, whip cream, blueberries . . . until I got to the top. Spread another layer of cool whip (to create my 'blank' canvas) made a "star" shape out of the strawberries & then filled in with the blueberries. Simple + delish!

Next up brownie bites! YUM!

Super simple. Go to your local grocery store, buy them & then just jazz them up by putting them in cute cup holders (I think I found these at JoAnns) & decorate them with little mini flags, etc.

If you have some time to 'bake' something yourself, how about rolling out some sugar cookie dough, grabbing a star shaped cookie cutter & making some patriotic star shaped cookies

AND last but not least - my FAVORITE! This is an idea that has been done time & time again - I think it calls for baking the cupcakes IN the cones. Well I decided to try it withOUT baking in the cones. I just ran to the store, picked up some already made cupcakes, a box of cake cones (jumbo size for these), & took them home. Take the cupcake wrapper off the cupcake & pushed them down into the cones. No worries if you mess up the icing - either fix it the best you can or re-ice them. Either way - they are so CUTE, no one will care if they aren't perfect! Oh - btw - I also added some patriotic sprinkles to them to "hide" my fingerprints! heehee

Enjoy your weekend everyone & have a FABULOUS 4th of July!

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