Wednesday, May 9, 2012

{FREEBIE} 365 Magazine Thank You cards + My New Title


As you know I am a regular contributor to 365 Magazine. The latest issue "Community Inspiration" was just released earlier this week & I wanted you all to be able to take advantage of all the great articles + the FREEBIES I have for you in there!

I designed some mini "Thank You" notes in some nice bright spring colors! 
You can view them on pages 32-35.
Then check out this link to download your FREE mini Thank You cards.
Latest issue: Community Inspiration

This is what the spread looks like in the latest issue of 365 Magazine:

Make sure to watch for the next issue - become a fan of 365 magazine, so you know when it's coming!  They come out every other month.

Remember in my last post about the magazine how I "eluded" to the fact that I may have a surprise for you in my next post?
Well I do!

I have been asked to be the official "Contributing Party Editor" 
for the magazine!!
I am so excited & honored to be the person who is going to be bringing the latest in the party world to you through the magazine as well as contributing on the blog as well! 
What does that mean for you? Well I will be sharing more details soon as to what I will be looking for but I can tell you that I will be perusing the party world to find unique, fun & awesome parties to submit & share with all of you!

For now, enjoy the FREE Thank You notes & yes if they look a little familiar, it would be because I {purposely} designed them to coordinate with the  
FREE Mothers Day Subway Art I just released.
{pretty smooth 'eh?}

I can't wait to see where this little adventure will take me but I am looking forward to seeing what YOU all do on the party scene & I just may be asking you to feature it - stay tuned for more soon! 


  1. Beautiful thank you notes and BIG congrats on the new venture!! So happy for you!!

    1. thanks so much Pam, that means alot! - I am pretty excited! =)

  2. congratulations my friend!! Exciting!

  3. Congratulations! Love the notes! Gorgeous.

    1. thanks so much for leaving a comment & so glad you like the notes! Enjoy!

  4. Oh Happy Day, Oh happy day! Congrats my friend! Could not be happier for you! Thanks for the FREE download, I am forever looking for a quick Thank You card to bring to a hostess...Now I Gots Me One!

    Gonna go share now! (as I do)

    Peace to your excited night!


    1. yes happy day! Thank you so much for all of your support always - you are such a kind-hearted person & I cherish our friendship! So thankful for you sharing as well - appreciate it so much! xoxo

  5. Just checked out that magazine, how cute is it! Is it local to your area? Online only or can you buy a hard copy?

    1. Thanks melissa - it's NOT local - they have stories from all over. It's only available online for now - not sure about what the 'big picture' plan is just yet.


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