Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{Peace Love & FUN-do} Theme Party Peeks & Vendors

As most of you know, my daughter, Skylar, turned 9 a couple weeks ago & we celebrated with her party last Sunday. She is reallllllly into peace signs & wanted a party theme to reflect that, so after discussing with her about what she wanted to do, color scheme, etc . . . the theme was born & the invites sent:

I had the opportunity to work with some AMAZING vendors in collaborating on this party & most of them, this was my first time working with them & I LOVED every one of them & hope to do it again real soon as they are ALL true pros!
You will soon get to see their work for this party . . . we have:

~ Sheri from Blondie's Treats who made the coolest cake pops!
~ Linda from Frog Prince Cake & Cookie Design who made some amazing cookies & a cake topper that was none like I have ever seen! Stunning!
~ Luci from I Love Candy by Luci who provided some delicious & fun lollipops + some edible favors!
~ Julie from Cakes and Kids sent me some adorable "supplies" to use from straws to cups to favor boxes!
~ Staci from Lizard & Ladybug who made bottle cap necklaces for all the kids using my design + a special acrylic cup for the birthday girl!

Have you ever wondered "HOW" we work with vendors to get the 'perfect' items for our parties? Well . . .this is my design board for the party. This is actually what I sent to all of the amazing vendors that collaborated with me on this project. They design what they "do" to match this board. This is how I do it, other designers may do it differently but thought I would share that little tidbit of knowledge. ;)

I am still working on all of the photos that I took from the party but I am hoping to have them all done within the week. It's hard when I have a lot of clients waiting on their orders to get it done - I know you all understand. ;)

In the meantime, I will try to post "sneak peeks" for you to enjoy!

What I am hoping to get ready for you as well is some TUTORIALS on some of the items I created for this party including one of the things in this picture:


So just hang in there a little bit longer with me as I have some great things to share with you on this party & I have been feeling like giving something away lately so you all know me well enough to know what that means! ;)

Have a great day & I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh boy, can't what to see what the vendors you worked with provided..such a tease! LOL...


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