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PARTY :: Peace Love & FUN-do Party - Part 2

peace party favors, candy bar, peace party decor ideas

THANK YOU all for all the sweet comments about my daughter's "Peace, Love & FUN-do" party that I shared last week with all of you!! I am FINALLY done with PART 2 & ready to share with you all the groovy eye candy.

If you happened to miss the first part of this party, just click here to see PART 1 where I debuted the details on the DECOR, DESSERT TABLE & TABLE BACKDROP. 

~ the CANDY BAR ~ 
My daughter really wanted a candy bar {again} but we have already done them in years prior . . . however she WON & got a small candy bar to share with friends. And that was OK by me - anything the kid wants, right? What did she think it was, HER birthday party or something - geesh! lol

retro candy bar, peace party candy bar, peace party decorations
peace party candy bar, chiclets, lollipops

Ahhhhh THE shelves! lol Do you all remember that day before the party that I said I was running to Lowe's for spray paint? Well yeah . . .ummmm . . THESE shelves were 'supposed' to have been spray painted white for the party BUT  . . . .keepin' it REAL here. . . . That project didn't happen. I have a tendency to "plan" on doing everything at the eleventh hour & then "cutting" my to-do list of things I had planned, one, maybe two/three times . . .OK maybe more like four or five - anyone else do that or just me?? LOL 

peace party candy bar ideas, daisy decor, nerds, chiclets

Finding "retro" candy AND finding it in THE exact colors to match the decor proved to be a daunting task but I did manage to pull in some oldies but goodies: Nerds, Chiclets, happy face lollipops, Sixlets, Pixie Stix, rock candy, orange slices & more!

retro candy bar for peace party
lollipops for peace party, candy bar at peace party

I also came up with a couple DIY projects for the candy bar as well that I thought were pretty EASY & fun.

First one, was I did something I have never made before: MAKE candy!
Super easy & quick- I used an ice cube mold from IKEA, added a few decorative candies, melted the chocolate & poured into the mold, allow to set & pop out. Pretty simple! What do you think? Not bad huh?

Hearts & flowers to match the party!

custom chocolates for peace party

The other project I did:  {since giving up Coke last year}, I needed to find an alternative to my daily liquid 'fix' every day & that's where Chrystal Light mango peach green tea comes in! I had been saving the containers for "something". Well the "something" ended up being the containers for the candy bar!

They were great as they had a lid & fit all the little candies in them.
The kids LOVED them. I decorated them with a napkin wrap that fits PERFECTLY around them & then added one of the toppers. DONE! Best part =FREE!

candy bar containers, peace party candy bar
peace party candy bar

I also had some really cute gable boxes that were sent to me by Julie from CakesandKids.Com & they were perfect for taking some of the candy "overflow" or packing up some cupcakes to take home - again a BIG hit with the kids.

take home containers, party containers

The other BIG thing I LOVED about the candy bar was collaborating with my good friend Luci from I Love Candy by Luci as she created these amazing PEACE sign lollipops, Thank You lollipops & pretzel stix!

peace sign lollipops, chocolate covered pretzel sticks
peace party candy bar

~ the FAVOR BAR ~ 
I set up the other 'unpainted' shelf in front of our fireplace in the living room to display all the favors for the kids to take home.

peace party favors,

And YES those clothespins holding up her banner on the mantel have been dyed to match (just like the fondue skewers were - LOL)

peace party decor, peace party banner, peace party favor ideas
peace party decor ideas
So what did the kids get as party favors?

groovy party favors, peace party favors

Well first of all they all got these heart shaped boxes right when they all arrived to the party. I found a surplus of these boxes in my office supply closet but they were pink! So I spray painted them aqua to match & we used them to house the AWESOME Peace bottlecap necklaces that Staci from Lizard & Ladybug made me that she based off one of my designs! Aren't these so CUTE!? My daughter INSISTED on giving the kids these to wear during the party - right when they got here! I thought it was sweet!

peace party favor boxes
peace party necklaces
peace party necklaces, peace party favors

And believe it or not, we actually got all the kids to sit down to open them (so I could take pictures) - they were so excited & adorable!

groovy party favors, peace party favors
peace party favors

The other surprise for them were these adorable little paint cans that I had picked up in the dollar section at Target many trips ago & had saved.  I wrapped some coordinating paper around them & added some toppers - they were fun!
We found some things that 'coordinated' to put into them. She is ALWAYS in charge of what goes in & who gets which ones - love how detail-oriented this kid is! Have NOOOOOOO idea where she acquired that trait! LOL

peace party favor ideas
peace party favors

~ Photo Booth FUN ~ 

I LOVE having a photo booth area where people can just have fun & be a kid! I had one at my wedding & as long as it's something everyone enjoys, then I will probably have them for a long time! Having said that, I designed some photo props just to coordinate & everyone loved it.

peace party photo booth props
peace party photo booth props

And like I said the adults even had a little fun - myself included - with my sister & best friend.

A fun DIY project that I did for the photo booth, is I had purchased these mini & oversized conversation bubbles over on Pick Your Plum awhile back (you can see some of the kids holding them in the pics above) & thought I'd save them for the party. 

So for the smaller ones, what we did is painted them with black chalkboard paint & glued them to a small dowel rod so the kids could play with them & then take them home. We also used the BIG ones at the party to write messages on! Bought some colored chalk to have on hand . . . SO fun!

peace party chalkboards

Skylar also had a special gift made from Staci of Lizard & Ladybug, not only did she make the necklaces for the favors, she also made a very SPECIAL cup for the birthday girl that she has started selling - so contact her & she will hook you up!

Trust me your kid will LOVE you for it, as mine doesn't "EVER" want to drink out of another cup ever again because she LOVES this one soooo much!! haha

peace party cups

The main thing about this party that I want to stress is I re-used & re-cycled SOOOOOOO many things as the budget was VERY tight, so take it from me- it can be done.

Trust me if you knew how this wreath was made & how I did this tablecloth you would be laughing hysterically! But that's what happens when you have to 'improvise" huh? ;)

peace party wreath, daisy wreath
peace party dessert table

I hope you all have enjoyed the "eye candy" & have been inspired for your next event.

peace party paper lamps

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  1. As I expected from the Talented YOU, it's awesome! a ROCKIN' good time was had by all by the looks of it! I can't wait to work you on future projects!

    Peace out!

    1. you are so sweet & I appreciate your support!!! Thank you so much for the love & I can NOT wait to work together either! We WILL chat soon - in the next couple days! =)

  2. Oh Wow, how colorful and cool is this party! Amazing job and I love, love, love the stands, they are great room savers. Hope you don't mind if I borrow the idea.

    1. Thank you so much for the comment. Was wondering what stands you were referring to?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for following & leaving a comment - THANKS so much for the love! =)

  4. Such an amazing party! I know the girls had a blast! Every detail is perfect!

    1. Thank you so much & yes the kids had a really fun time - they are STILL talking about it - yay!

  5. Love the sweets, they are so coordinated with the party, I especially love the Chiclets!!

    1. hey you - thanks so much for checking out this post _ I appreciate it. Glad you liked it! =)


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