Saturday, May 12, 2012

{PEACE LOVE & FUN-Do Party} Lovin amazing vendors

~ hello everyone ~
Hopefully you all have seen the 'sneak peeks' I have been posting about my daughter's "Peace, Love & FUN-do" party this week. Honestly, I wish I had more time in the day to do all the things I need to get to but sometimes we have to choose between actual 'paying' work & writing a blog post & right now, client work is a priority. I was really hoping to have the full blog post up by now but decided that if I do it in tiny stages, then it might actually get done! As some of you may recall, I have yet to even blog/ show you her party from last year! (insert feeling-like-a-horrible-mom feeling here) Such is life I guess. {sigh}

Anyhow, yesterday I shared with you some pics from all the AMAZING & very generous people they wanted to collaborate with me on this party & wanted to take the time & highlight them all in one place - here - for you to see. Especially in case you missed it, as their work is beyond amazing! 
Plus I wanted to give all of them the SPOTLIGHT before I posted about the party as they so deserve it! =)

When I first designed the theme, I posted on my FB page asking people- my fans & followers, if anyone who had a business & would like to collaborate, to please send me an email & we'll chat about the opportunity. What happened next I did NOT expect. All the sweet emails - LOTS of them, saying they would love to collaborate on a project with me. It blew me away & I felt so humbled. I just figured what better people to work with than the people who follow me on a regular basis - ya know? I am super excited to collaborate with some very talented people & so looking forward to doing so with ALL of them - if we can. So I still have all the emails & plan on trying to work with all of them at some point but for this party these are the ones that had the time for right now to get in on this one.

I have known Linda for awhile online & she's such a sweet friend. I really got to know her better when she asked me to design her logo for her. I have since done some other work for her & always wanted the chance to "use" her talent in one of my parties, so I was so EXCITED when she wanted in!

I sent her my designs as she wanted to do the cookies AND a cake topper for my daughter's cake. This is what I received:

Can we all say it together: GORG, GORG, GORG, GORGEOUS!!!!!!
I love the attention to detail & how it glitters in the light. Not to mention they were delish!

But oh, we're NOT done. Look at the sculpting fondant goddess' creation . . . Feast your eyes on this piece of fondant "eye candy":

This is soooooooo my daughter's likeness - I love the chucks, the skirt, peace sign tee, the headband & bracelet, the blue eyes -just absolutely GORGEOUS!
And don't you just love her little "9" pendant? CUTE!

~ Sheri from Blondie's Treats ~

How did I come to know Sheri? She started out as a fan, we worked together & I did some design work for her (including her logo) & now we're friends! We have gotten to know each other pretty well & are even trying to meet up this year at a blogging conference so we can hang out together! These kinds of things are DEFINITELY one of the bonuses of working for some awesome people - the friendships that can form from working for someone. 

She of course does cake pops & she totally brought it! Check out these super cool & super groovy bad boys - complimented well with parts of my backdrop (BONUS!):

~ Luci from I Love Candy! by Luci ~
I first met Luci when she asked me (you guessed it) to design her logo for her. I just adore her as she is so pleasant to work with & is very professional. She even does design boards when working with you to ensure she is making you EXACTLY what you want! Love it! She decided to make chocolate peace signs lollipops, thank you lollipops & chocolate pretzel rod stix for the party. She also sent some Snickers party favors as well. Lots of variety with this one!

~ Julie from ~

I believe Julie is the only one that I have worked with before & I just LOVE her shop. It is FULL of everything you need for your party supply products - drink straws, favor boxes, favor bags, twine, fruit/nut cups, & much more! She sent me some goodies to use & it all matched up so perfect & having used her products before I can say that they are a GREAT product at a GREAT price & I highly recommend her! Here's a couple pics of her items at the party:

One of the adorable goodie boxes is pictured a couple photos up holding the Thank You lollipops & this is one that the kids could fill up with candy- such fun boxes!

~ Staci from Lizard & Ladybug ~

Staci is a crafting genius! Period. I know her from online & I just love her as she is such a huge supporter of mine & everyone else. She is just that way - she ROCKS! We were chatting one day & she came up with an idea to do party favors for all the kids & use my designs. Alas - bottle cap necklaces with MY designs in them to give to all the kiddos - LOVE LOVE LOVE! Definitely hook up with her if you are searching for a practical party favor idea that ALL the kids will love!

She also designed one of those acrylic tumbler cups for me. You know the ones that have a lid/straw. But that will wait until I do my full blog post. ;)

~ Laura (me) from Skylar Raine ~

And last but not least, party girl HAS to represent! She picked out this headband to go with her outfit. Matched perfectly - yay!

I so hope you have enjoyed this post & learning about just a few of the amazing people that are out in the party world that do exceptional work! I know there are TONS more but I am glad I got to work with these people on this party since most of them I had not gotten the chance yet. 

Again THANK YOU to all of them & please be so kind as to go visit their pages, check out everything they have & give them some Eye Candy love & tell them I sent ya. I know they would appreciate you saying hello! =) 

Stay tuned for the FULL blog posts on this party coming in just a few short days!
Have a great weekend! xoxo



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    1. So glad you are excited to see this - I appreciate you being so excited! =)

  2. WOW how blessed are you to work with such talent! Can't wait to see the FINAL post with all the pics together and how it came together!

    1. I AM blessed to have some amazing people who I get to work with!

  3. It was my pleasure to do this and I am sooo glad everything turned out well. xoxo Luci

    1. LOVED what you did for the party not to mention is was delish! Thanks so much & I am so grateful that our paths have crossed! xoxo

  4. So cool how you and your lovely vendors captured that "peace era" psychedelic (what a word!) look!

    1. you are so sweet & thanks for saying that. I was really trying to go for a retro look but with a modern twist so that means alot that you said that! Hope you think the rest of the party is just as good. =)


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