Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{DESIGN SERVICES} custom Blog Design added

FINALLY! I can "officially" commit, announce . . . .that I am adding BLOG DESIGN to my design services that I offer you all!
I have been wanting to add it for sometime but I just didn't want to offer it until I felt like I had a schedule that would 'allow' for the time it takes to schedule & design them. I didn't want to give up designing/ styling parties, custom designs or my other graphic services so I waited until my schedule could be adjusted before adding them.
Plus I needed to do mine as one of the firsts! Ok - done! :)

So to those that have asked, and asked when would I be able to offer blog design,  . . . .the answer is YES, now - let's do it! And thank you for being patient.

As you can see, I have updated, re-designed my own here.

Here is the 'before' picture . . . 

And look at it now! =) I LOVE it - simpler, more streamlined but still keeping with my brand!
It's not that I disliked my old blog design but I wanted to update it as much as possible & I feel now it's getting there. I still am "tweaking" all the pages under the tabs at the top BUT I do have info under all of them now, until I can implement some more ideas to it. ALWAYS a work 'in progress' right?

I have a few blog designs in the works already from clients and will be sharing them with you as they are completed. 

One of the blog designs I finished up right before mine, was for Cineca over at Dreamin 'N Details. I forgot to take a screen shot of her "before" but here's what it looks like now

I have a few blog designs in the works already from clients and will be sharing them with you as they are completed. 

Are you needing some BLOG work done? Maybe just a facelift? Please feel free to email me at & I can get a custom quote right back to you.

I LOVE custom work. I LOVE graphic design, so if you ever want to know about any of the graphic services I offer, just ask! OR you can click on the tab above that says "GRAPHIC DESIGN" here on my blog & I have items listed that I can do.

My experience: I have over 20+ years IN the industry! I studied Graphic Design + more in college & all jobs in DESIGN my entire life - ranging from various advertising agencies, newspaper, yellow pages, & retail advertising companies to being an instructor at a local college. 
My freelance has included everything from corporate client work to small rock bands - I pretty much have designed a little bit of everything over my years.

One more thing, if you have been thinking about having a few DESIGN elements done, like say you need a logo AND a new blog header, contact me first as I can give you a lil discount if you get more than one service. :) Just my little way to help.

If you would like to see EXAMPLES of my work, please visit my FB page & check out my photo albums for what I have designed. I will be adding more finished designs to the albums there over the course of the next couple of weeks, so I hope you will check it out & let me know what you think!

Hope to work with you soon! Have a great night! xoxo

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