Monday, August 6, 2012

{in the SPOTLIGHT} Skylar Raine styish accessories

I am super excited to announce to you today that last week the HOME line in my sister shop: Skylar Raine, launched it's first phase of the new HOME line!

Most of you may remember me announcing my sister shop launch when I announced it here on the blog earlier this year, which opened last fall. You can read about the Skylar Raine grand opening here

The shop contains "accessories for YOU & your home" & up until last week strictly focused on accessories for you. I personally design & create everything in the shop. It carries everything from bobby pins, clips, pins, adjustable elastic headbands that can be worn as a clip &/ or a headband to pregnancy/ wedding sashes to jewelry too like rings & bracelets!

And the BEST part? Do you know that I take CUSTOM orders? 
Need a matching headband or clip for a particular outfit for you or your kid? - email me!

Photographers! Need some photo props? Just email me for a collaboration! 

Need an item to match a collection that you just designed for a party? Email me!

Check out some of these pics of the designs available . . .


Like I mentioned, the HOME line debuted last week over in the shop & the first TWO items to launch were photo frames & mirrors! (I have plans to launch MORE home items though so watch for those)

All of the  frames are hand painted, sealed & embellished. Right now I have 4x6 and 5x7 frames ready to ship in the shop but can do bigger frames - just ask!

The mirrors are 10x10, with a 3.75 mirror in center & made from wood. They're hand painted & sealed. Comes with the hardware to hang or simply place in plate holder on a table. I have a few ready to ship on my page.

I will be bringing you ideas on how to use these on the blog here as you will start to see me incorporate them into my photo shoots & parties here at Eye Candy E.D.

I hope you enjoyed the inside peek into what the shop is making as I am having a blast with my daughter creating & designing with her! If you ever would like to email me about a custom request on anything in my sister shop at Skylar Raine, that email address is

Hope you enjoyed seeing the goods - hope you'll become a fan of the page & I would appreciate sharing with your friends that I am there too! ;) The NEW items ALWAYS debut on the FB page first, then they get added to the Etsy shop! So hope you'll join me there! ;)

Thanks so much!



  1. I cant say enough good things about these products. I love them! My daughter loves them...even my friends love them. Two of my friends have ordered from you already! Congrats on the new line!

    1. I appreciate this comment so much! It means alot to me that you LOVE them so much! THANK YOU for your support! xoxo


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