Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{PARTY TIPS} Photobooth IDEAS with Melissa

Hi y’all….Melissa here from My Party Passion – today I am chatting it up with you about PHOTOBOOTHS at your parties!

Some might think that this “trend” is OVER – but I beg to differ!   Almost all my parties have them and everyone LOVES to ham it up in front of the camera..this gives them a good “excuse” to do it!
A few items to keep in mind….
The first thing you want to think about is your venue – is there room for a “booth”?  How is the lighting? Indoors or Outdoors?

birthday party fun, using a photobooth at a birthday party

Theme – what is the theme of party?  Bright colors? Kids? Adults?
Props – here is where it gets fun!  Almost everything goes!  From mustaches to picture frames – all are cute in a photobooth.  Things around your home, in your children’s’ toy chest, in your kitchen cabinet. Possibilities are endless.

kids using photo booth props, glasses, moustache, photobooth props
gor milk photobooth prop, girl posing with got milk prop

One thing that is important to me is the backdrop.  I often use table coverings as the backdrop or linens. Sometimes just being outside is a great background. A table cover that I might have bought for a baseball party is now being used as a backdrop for a carnival party – repurpose – reuse!

backdrops for photobooth, red stripes, partu decor ideas, photobooth tips

girl using frame in photobooth, tulle skirt, pennant banner

It takes no money to put a cute photobooth together.  Use an old sheet or tablecloth and tact it up to your wall. Find a few props that fit your party theme and the rest will happen before your eyes!

girl pirates, party photobooth ideas, birthday parties, tablecloth

If you have never ventured out into the world of Photobooths at your party – I say GO FOR IT!  Strike a Pose!

~ melissa

Guest Contributor: Melissa Newell

Melissa Newell has been planning and executing parties for over 20 years - parties have always been a passion of hers.

Melissa’s motto is Go Big or Go Home! She celebrates with her children every chance they get - making each day a celebration of Life!

Creativity on a budget and the attention to the smallest of details is what she is known for.

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  1. Hi Jessica - honestly I do the pictures our parties I rarely sit down 8) Hosting and mingling and I "rally" the troops for photos when I see then in the area of the booth. I only use a tripod for certain booths. The one on the blog post that you see with my girls as pirates, that one had a tripod. It was windy that day and I felt the need to be a little more stable. With photos, more is more...I typically take 350 pics on average for a 2 hour party and use about 20 of them. lol Practice taking them "on the fly" as much as you can, you will get the "feel" for quick pics then! 8) Hope this helps!

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