Monday, August 20, 2012

REAL PARTY :: 'KISS my 30's Goodbye' rocker PARTY!

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Hey Dude, it’s Melissa, comin’ atcha from a ROCK PARTY! The party I am sharing with you today is over the top, so original and ROCKIN!   There is nothing else out there to compare – no warm up band, no 2nd act…just pure rock adrenalin. 

The back (stage) story… gal pal Kimberly wanted to throw a classic rock themed party for her husband, Mark, for his 40th birthday and I was honored that she enlisted my help!    You see, her hubby is a United States Marine and is away from his family a lot – so this party had to be “off the hook”! (do you still say that? Lol)  Kimberly had awesome ideas already when we met and even had her rough theme picked out! It all started off with a few brainstorming sessions – sharing our ideas through email with Laura.   We knew what we wanted but were not sure how Laura would interrupt our “vision”.  I am here to tell all you groupies, that Laura surpassed anything we imagined!  Without further a due . . .

KISS My 30’s Good-Bye”

KISS my 30's goodbye birithday, concert ticket invite, KISS birthday

 Concert Ticket for the invite . . .

backdrop for KISS rocker party, food table, rock party, album decor

This backdrop is amazing as they made it to match the collection PERFECTLY!

call me mirror, rocker party, KISS rocker party, rock birthday party

Love this mirror - hilarious, written with lipstick . . .     rocker chicks-Kimberly & Melissa.

rock party decor, rocker party, rock on party circle, skull, fire, KISS rocker party
drink on sign, KISS, rocker party decor, table sign, skull, fire

sangria, drink on, rocker party decor, birthday party, rock style

Get your Drink On with some Sangria . . .

KISS rocker banner, birthday party rock banner, rocker party decor
guitar frame, KISS my 30's goodbye, drink on sign, table decor for rockers

This is Mark a.k.a 'the party boy' in true rocker fashion . . .his last name is Starski

KISS rock star, rock star party decor, rock party decorations, KISS

rock on cupcake toppers, cupcakes, party toppers, KISS, rocker party
cake stands at rock party, album party decor, rock on, KISS
food tents for rock party, KISS, rock on, orange red & yellow, flames
flames background, rock on rocker party decor, KISS style, rock n roll

Seriously LOVING all the special details - this party so ROCKS!

rock on, party for rocker, rock star, glass skull, KISS my 30's goodbye

rock on birthday banner, skull, flames, rock star banner, birthday banner

party toppers for rocker party, cupcakes, skull, rock on, orange stripes

drink on, water bottle labels, bottled water, rock star party, rock n roll
craft service table, skull, rock on, KISS style, KISS birthday party

Thanks so much Melissa for allowing me to design this party collection for you! I am a rocker chick at heart so this was right up my alley! 

This collection is perfect for a KISS Halloween party or any birthday party.

Want to ROCK OUT with a party like this? Be sure to get the KISS inspired INVITE and also the entire matching KISS inspired Party Collection!

Hope you enjoyed this party! ROCK ON party people, ROCK ON!


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  1. Sending a huge "THANK YOU" to Laura and Melissa for helping me to throw such a rockin' party in Mark's honor!! He is a hardworking, devoted father and husband and he deserved to have an awesome party. And it was! We had so much fun and I appreciate all that you did for us!!!!

    1. You are so welcome - I had an absolute BLAST designing this for you. SO glad Mark enjoyed it & please THANK him for his service for me! Love our military! ;)
      Anytime you need anything, you know how to reach me - thanks for the IDEA! =)

  2. I had a blast planning this with Kimberly and Laura. Kimberly's vision was sooo perfect for her husband and Laura came thru in her usual ROCKER fashion! Thanks ladies for letting me be a part of it all! ROCK ON GIRLS!

    1. Thank you for all your work as well. So thankful to have worked once again with you - it is always a BLAST! Thanks for the sweet words. =)

  3. Great job ladies!!! This party truly does ROCK!!!

    1. Thanks so much! Laura and I always have a great time "creating".....

    2. thanks so much! We had a lot of fun designing, planning it!

  4. My husband is a die hard Kiss fan! He would love this! Awesome job!!

    1. thanks girl - I am a huge fan myself! You must show it to him - thanks for the love!

  5. Hubby saw Kiss on Saturday... and now I know the theme for his upcoming 40th! Can't wait to look around at your other work. Fabulous!

    1. thanks Jen - that is awesome! Just let me know if you need me to work with you on this collection when you are ready - it's already listed in my shop! Thanks for the comment!


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