Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{CRAFTY TIP} EASY Valentines Wreath

Hello all!  It’s Melissa from My Party Passion coming to you today again 
from my crafty shop (aka my family room bar) lol    
Today – real quick – wanted to share with you a fun easy and inexpensive tutorial for a Valentine’s  Day Wreath – using Laura’s printables from her "KISS ME" Valentine’s Party Pack!

We have this closet door at the top of our stairs that I always have a wreath hanging on it. This one is one I made a few years ago with white flower punches, hot glue and a dollar store foam wreath. I love changing out the wreath for holidays!  It’s one of the first things that guests in our home would see.

What I used to create a special wreath for Valentine’s Day, was again,  my favorite foam wreath from dollar store (I use this one over and over again…never keeping the wreath the same year and year 
(that is why you see the “remnants’ of the Gingerbread party wreath still attached – hehehe)   Also some glue dots but you could use tape. A few Dollar Tree glittery heart picks and some paper fringe (I buy mine at Party On Designs) but you could use any. 

All I do is secure the fringe to the wreath and wind it all around the wreath.   Then I took 1 of the glittery heart picks and took the heart off another one.   Attaching the heart to the other end of the stick.  I then cut out one of Laura’s cute Valentine’s Party pack – Postcards (the Kiss Me one is what I used here) and used a glue dot to secure that to the middle of the stick. I then attached the stick to the wreath by using a glue dot behind each heart and stuck to the wreath itself.  

Added a pink ribbon to hang and per ‘er up!  Fun, easy and so easy to change this out 
for St. Patrick’s Day next month!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting today!  I hope you have an Awesome Day and I invite you to stop by the blog and visit – stay awhile!  



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  1. I smile from ear to ear every time I see this! 8) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the idea of a year-round wreath in your home. Have been meaning to do that for ages!


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