Thursday, February 21, 2013

{HAPPY BIRTHDAY} melissa + NEW collection

hey y'all.
I need to let you in on a little secret - sssshhhhh! 
Tomorrow is Melissa's birthday from the TEAM. Can you do me a favor & go to her page over at Melissa Newell, Party Stylist and Planner and wish her a BIG old HAPPY BIRTHDAY!? Pleasssssssssse! ;)

why do you ask are we doing this today & not tomorrow? Well Melissa's FB page will be going away tomorrow as she is streamlining her life & simplifying just a bit so we want to give her something to remember from all of her fans, before that happens, so what do you say? Let's flood her page with birthday wishes!

But what is that you say? . . . you LOVE her posts on here? No worries, she WILL remain part of the team & she IS keeping her own blog, so make sure you stay in touch with her there & here. She will still be here giving us all her AMAZING party tips so that will NOT change! YAY!

So PLEASE go on over to her page today & wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY - she will LOVE it! (btw - she has noooooo idea I am doing this so she will probably get me for this! lol)

AND one more thing . . . the CUTE little graphic you see at the top of this post, well it's part of a NEW collection coming soon. The Barnyard collection - it's definitely going to be one of my favs!

Thanks for the favor you all . . . you're the BESTEST! xoxo


  1. Thanks Laura - you ROCK my party world! I so appreciate it! Peace!


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