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Kids Valentine IDEAS :: Easy Lollipop Valentines

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Valentines Day is almost here and I have been sharing with you a few different IDEAS you can use for last minute kids Valentines ideas that they can pass out in their classrooms or to their friends! 
Today I am sharing a couple variations on Lollipop Valentines that your kids can use to hand out in the class. I am sure you have seen most of these but it's always good to have options! =)

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We can keep it simple with these 2 alternate ideas to paper valentines. 

Grab some lollipops from your favorite store, attach these Silly Heart toppers from my shop to them and then simply have them write their message on the back & it "stands out" a little more with their friends! =) DONE!
Just tape or glue stick the lollipop to back of topper & attach ribbon.

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OR cut a slit in top & bottom of party topper & insert lollipop.
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Are you feeling just a little more creative? Or just need a craft idea for the classroom parties at school for your kid? How about this one - Valentines Lollipop flower!

flower lollipop valentines, kids valentines craft idea, school party craft

steps to creating this: 
1. cut 4" x 11 strip of pattern paper 
2. fold in half lengthwise with the pattern side in 
3. fold vertically in half 
4. fold vertically in 1/2 again 
5. unfold & draw 1/2 of a heart on each fold of the 4 squares that were created when folded 
6. cut out the heart patterns 
7. stack all 4 hearts on top of each other & take hole punch & punch a hole about 1/4" up from bottom 
8. place hearts on top of each other, lining up the hole & adhere a little glue to keep in place

** you can get the paper pack pictured here in my shop

making lollipop petals, valentines kids craft idea, valentines day craft

 ** few tips to making this work - do NOT make the heart pattern 'fat' - draw the sides of the heart straight otherwise when you stack them, it will overlap too much & not look like a flower in the end. Also you can have your kids write a message on the back & give out instead of a paper valentine.
{The tags I used to attach to the lollipops AND the paper I used to make the lollipop flowers came from the 'Silly Hearts' KIDS Valentines collection that is on SALE in the shop right now!}

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One more FAB kids Valentines idea I want to share with you is one that my friend Terri did.

She started with some great Valentines that had a pic of her adorable little girl on them & then added the Valentines Day photo props from the shop, along with some lollipops to add a little fun to them! It's sooooo CUTE! Thanks for sharing Terri!

valentines day idea, photo props, valentines photo props


That's it for today! A few super cute, fun & EASY ideas for your kids to do for Valentines Day! If you are looking for more Valentines ideas including food AND non-food item IDEAS, just search the blog as I have many other ideas to check out Which idea here is your fave? See you later! xoxo
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  1. All just adorable! Have a Happy Valentine's Day. :-)

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