Thursday, July 31, 2014

DESIGN :: Watercolor & Hand lettering

watercolor, invite, hand illustration, art prints, banner, bride, mrs.
Hello there!
I have been so busy these last couple weeks that I feel like I haven't had much time to blog and talk with all of you. However I wanted to pop in and share a couple peeks at to what I am currently doing as far as custom work and to let you know that you may be seeing some new items hitting the shop soon. ;)

Some of my favorites lately . . . 

a hand lettered design from a very catchy song . . . . ;)

I'm so fancy, fancy, fancy art print, black & white art print, hand lettered

I am pretty sure I have to make this into a print ;)

 . . . this hand lettered print will be in the shop soon. 
Great for anyone getting married soon or a bridal shower, can be adjusted to say "soon to be, mrs." instead. Imagine this on a banner, art print or sign.
mr. art print, mrs. art print, hand lettering, art prints, wedding prints
Speaking of getting married and brides . . . I can't wait to show you how this gold hand lettered burlap decor item ends up. ;)
bride burlap banner, wedding banner, bridal shower banner, burlap, bride
ohhhhhh and this, a watercolor design is for a very special bridal shower.

watercolor invite, bridal shower invite, hand illustration, watercolor, flowers

hand lettering, watercolor, illustrations, bridal shower invite, hand drawn

 and one more peek . . . . this hand lettered piece will be in the shop soon as an art print!

love you forever, art print, hand lettering, word art, wedding decor, love

Remember, if you EVER have any special custom design hand lettering idea requests, PLEASE feel free to email me anytime & I can design one for YOU!

Have a great week!

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Looking forward to seeing you again! :)


  1. I love love all of these Laura! Fancy is such a fun word and that is a sweet design. I have a niece who does watercolor and doodles a bit and has nice lettering. She painted a floral design and her wedding announcement wording that was then put on a handkerchief . It was the coolest custom announcement! It reminds me of something you would do. And hello...we are all busy right now! Take care! :)

    1. thank you so much for all of your love my friend - I appreciate the comments! =) "Fancy" is one of my faves right now. lol

  2. I love these SO much! I have always wanted to get into lettering -- I even have a Skillshare course book marked about it! I have crazy dreams of turning my handwriting into a font. You know, when I have free time.


    1. thanks so much. Funny you mention doing fonts as I am currently working on some of those right now as well. Sssshhhh ;)

  3. I love watercoloring! My hand lettering is atrocious, so I'm aways impressed with those who do it well.

    1. ahhh thanks so much! Aren't watercolors the best? It's soooooo relaxing . . .

  4. So pretty! You have mad skills!

  5. I wish I could do hand lettering even half as well as this! SO pretty!

    1. thanks so much for saying that but I am sure you have nice hand writing too. =)

  6. This is so amazing and awesome! Love your handwriting

  7. Beautiful! I remember my second grade teacher telling my parents that I would never be artistic because of my handwriting. That has stuck with me for almost 50 years - someday I'm going to prove her wrong. Your work is amazing!!

    1. thanks so much for the love Tracey! That is just awful though that you had to endure that being said as that sticks with you, I know from experience on other matters but you prove her wrong, I'm sure it's just fine =)

  8. Love these! So beautiful! You are very talented!


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