Tuesday, July 22, 2014

CRAFT :: Summer Yarn Wreath

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Hey there everyone!

I have a thing with making wreaths (apparently) and wanted to share with you the latest one I made for our front door. I needed to make a new wreath to match my new "Patio Makeover" and this yarn I purchased awhile back, reminded my of summertime in a pool when I saw it. So I decided it matched close enough with the new color scheme I had going on outside with the patio (navy, turquoise blues and white), so a wreath was in the makin! ;)

instructions on how to make a yarn wreath, blue & green yarn, summer

I have shared with you recently how to make this type of yarn wreath when I created one for my daughters Rainbow Loom party, so if you need better instructions, make sure to check this post out to see more details.

You just need to grab a few supplies: a letterboard wreath shape, some yarn, fabric glue or hot glue gun, ribbon, embellishments and scissors.

The first step is to start by gluing the yarn at your starting point. I would glue it down on the back and start wrapping around the wreath form.

making a yarn werath, glue, how to make, wrapping yarn on wreath form


Just keep wrapping and wrapping and wrapping . . . all while wrapping the yarn tight together, side-by-side . . . then glue your last strand of yarn down to secure. Cut a piece of ribbon to hang up your wreath & attach.

how to make a yarn wreath, ribbon, glue, yarn, wreath form, blues and greens


Next step is to add the embellishments that you chose to adhere to the wreath, I decided to make a couple flower embellishments to add to mine & a tiny feather but feel free to use what you want.

flower embellishments for a wreath, tarn wreath, stripes, wreath for front door
finished yarn wretah with flower embellishments, summer wreath idea, DIY

I love making this wreath as it is soooooo easy & quick so you can change out your door wreaths ALL the time. If you want. ;)
hanging wreath on front door, summer wreath, striped wreath, flowers

Has anyone out there made their own yet? Raise your hand . . . please let me know below if you think you will try this project as I would love to know if anyone was inspired. Let me know by commenting below . . . .


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