Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WEDDING :: Navy & Blush Inspiration Board

Hello everyone & welcome to "Wedding Wednesday"!

navy cocktail dress, blush bouquet, blush velvet couch, navy wedding

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Navy is one of those colors that can be paired up with any other color and it looks great. Right now I am loving navy married up with a soft pink blush color as it so reminds me of a marriage: navy representing the man and the blush color, the ladies. This is a fabulous color option when the guy doesn't want anything too 'girly' for a color scheme too. Everyone wins as this is a FAB color solution for your event.
  I love the details of this lace invite as it gives a soft edge to the color navy and is super stylish all at the same time. Confetti makes everything so much fun and these heart shaped confetti are so perfect to throw later in the night or scatter down the tables. Using the soft pale blush pink color in the bouquets will look amazing against navy dresses, not to mention, who wouldn't love wearing these dresses, they are so classic! Stripes. Stripes! - I adore stripes and this cake is a winner for your wedding cake. Period. It is just gorgeous!  Give the gift of jewelry to all of those people who make your day extra special. Last but not least, let's discuss this couch. Velvet goodness in every way! If you find a couch like this, make sure to snag it to use for the photos alone, as this is just an incredible item to have around! 

Have you all been to a wedding that incorporated navy & blush into the theme?  What was your favorite element of the event?  I would LOVE to hear the details . . .spill below ;)


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