Monday, November 17, 2014


Are you or someone you know currently in the market for a new LOGO DESIGN? In case you didn't know, I am a graphic designer and my background is in design so I love designing logos as well as what you see me doing here. I get inquires all of the time and have designed many logos for you all but I have been asked in the last few months if I ever have a sale on my logos.

So it got me thinking, as when someone hires me as their designer, they also get many options to choose from, for their logo, on the first round with me, as I want to ensure the client gets exactly what they are looking for. Often times, my clients have a hard time picking just one design and I am left with a lot of great logos that hit the design floor, 'so to speak'. So here is my idea as it may help those of you that have been inquiring about a new logo or a makeover on yours . . . why not take some of these logos and sell them to you all 'as-is'. Meaning I will share them with you and they will be at a discounted price since they are already designed and ready to go for the most part. The price will include inserting your name into the logo and of course your color palette for your biz. I will have it include MINOR changes to the logos and you will receive ONE proof/round of changes. ANY other design changes will be discussed and most likely incur an additional fee. However the savings on these will for sure be a benefit to someone looking for a cost effective way to gain a new logo!

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page starting Tuesday Nov. 18 as I will start listing them there first and eventually move them into my Etsy shop if there are any leftover. Feel free to stop by as they will be first come, first serve on them and I would love to help you out with a deal for your business!

Interested in knowing what else I can design for you? Take a look at this blog post that has some of my popular design services

Hope to design something for you soon! ;)


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  1. You are such a wonder slogo designer. I really loved the services given by Eye-Candy.


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