Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LOVE :: FRESH FLOWERS from the bouqs co

Want to know a secret? I love flowers . . . fresh flowers. As in, I buy them all of the time as I love having them around since they make me happy and brighten your mood instantly. Plus, it's a bonus that I love using fresh flowers in my line of work, they make great props in my photo shoots, displays and anything I may be working on. Did I mention I ADORE fresh flowers? ;)

Want to know another secret? This photo above is a photo of flowers that are a week and a half old! Seriously. They still look that fabulous, don't ya think?

Today I am so excited to be sharing a HUGE announcement with you all. I have found the most incredible fresh flowers and I made sure to ensure they are the BEST before writing this! Promise! About a month ago I received an email from a company asking if I would like to review their flowers and to give them my honest opinion. Ummmm hello, you had me at 'flowers' but there was something else about this email . . . I recognized the name as one I had seen on one of my favorite TV shows, Shark Tank. This flower company was none other than The Bouqs Co. I was beyond excited as I had totally checked them out after the show as I thought their whole business concept was amazing and I was planning on being a customer!

So I agreed to a review. Twist, twist (my arm) . . . I guess. ;) If I must do a review on your amazingly beautiful flowers, then I guess I could manage for the sake of a review! (please note my sarcasm as that's how I am- lol) So they sent me some info, I picked out my bouquet, I scheduled a day I wanted them to arrive and I waited. They arrived in this amazing black and white packaging (bonus as it's a fave color combo of mine) and I opened them right away. The blooms were safely packaged in the box and I followed the simple care instructions and placed them in a vase.

So WHO is The Bouqs? They are a company that gives you fresher flowers, brighter flowers, more affordable flowers, and longer-lasting flowers. (I can attest to that!) They get their flowers from farms that treat the environment and their workers with care and respect. And flowers that are much, much easier to order. Did I mention that some of the flowers come straight from a volcano? Yup, it's true! Make sure you read their story - it's so cool.

So YES, here are a few more pics of those flowers after a week and a half. I re-cut them and switched vases, that was it. They look so good - I just couldn't believe it myself but these were hanging in there! Gorgeous! FYI - this single bouquet that I received ended up lasting just a little over TWO weeks! TWO WEEKS - that's awesome-sauce! Yup, I just said that! ;)

I fell in love with this company, so much so that I have one more exciting thing to tell you. Here on my blog, I only share companies or products with you that I use myself or would buy myself. So having said that, I am excited to announce that, since I fell so hard for this company and what they are about, that I have teamed up with the Bouqs to be able to offer you these awesome Bouqs and anytime you would like to order fresh flowers for yourself or anyone else, I would so appreciate you coming back here to my blog and ordering them here or the Bouqs ad on my sidebar as I will benefit from you doing that! I hope you enjoyed me sharing this new item that I LOVE and will give them a try sometime. I look forward to sharing more fun ways I will be using the Bouqs flowers as well. Until next time my friends. xoxo


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  1. OH MY GOSh those are beautiful! What a great company. Those flowers are perfect as they opened up! I love fresh flowers in the house too!

    1. you seriously should check them out sometime as I could not believe how nice they were!

  2. You are so right about how fresh flowers make you happy. I even smile when I walk past the fresh flowers at the grocery story. Thank you for share this new company. I might just give them a try - I've got some flowers to send to a friend.

    1. Agreed flowers = happiness always! How could you not be happy when you get flowers!? lol Let me know if you give them a try! ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I need to get some, and what a great idea for a hostess gift (have them come before the party!)

    1. What hostess couldn't use flowers - I usually always bring flowers but I like your idea of sending them beforehand - gives them a nice surprise delivery & that equals happy mail! ;)


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