Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CRAFT :: Hand Lettered Thanksgiving Pumpkins

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Today I am sharing this super easy and quick craft to do and it's also something you could do with your kids if you were feeling extra brave. ;) Just grab those old pumpkins that you are probably getting ready to throw out anyway - let's recycle them. Grab some DecoArt patio paint and a paint brush. Why do I use patio paint? I use this paint as I love how fast it drys which makes it super durable so I can work with it quickly and move on!

As you can see I have already painted these pumpkins as I was using them for other things before now, so go ahead and paint yours whichever color scheme you have decided on and let them dry. My Thanksgiving color scheme this year is going to be teals, blues, white and mocha.

DecoArt Patio paint on pumpkins, hand lettering, hand paint, teal blue

The next step is to grab the color of paint that you will be hand lettering with and your paintbrush. I highly recommend a pointed tip brush to make your life easier with this project - it will work so much better! All you need to do now is paint the words on your pumpkins. That's it.

using patio paint to paint pumpkins, DecoArt, pumpkin painting

A couple pointers on making this work for you:
- it does NOT have to be perfect. Paint it & move on.
- paint the word lightly first and then go back over it with additional paint to make it look better and brighter
- let the imperfections go . . . it gives it character!
- don't get caught up on "oh I have bad handwriting," as it it yours and that's special to all who will be there so just do it and enjoy! 

paint words on pumpkins, thanksgiving table ideas, craft with pumpkins
hand lettering on pumpkins, DecoArt patio paint on pumpkins, blue pumpkins
hand painted love on pumpkin, celebrate, painted pumpkins, thnaksgiving
thanksgiving craft, how to hand letter words on pumpkins. love, give thanks

I plan on putting these in the middle of my Thanksgiving table along with some other things for a simple 'handmade' centerpiece. You could let your kids do this and place them on the kids table or make these for everyone's place setting . . . there are so many ideas you can do. 

So have you painted any words on pumpkins lately? Think maybe you ight try this idea? I would love to know, so leave me a comment below . . . :)

painted hand lettered pumpkins for thanksgiving, DecoArt patio paint

THANK YOU so much to DecoArt for providing me with the paint I used for this project. All opinions are strictly my own and I would never talk about or share anything on here that I wouldn't use & trust myself.

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