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What are your favorite stores to shop at? I mean like really SHOP at? One of my personal faves is IKEA. I totally did 'may have' done the 'happy dance' when they finally put an IKEA near me a couple years ago and I haven't been the same since. I LOVE that place and can ALWAYS find something I need, find inspiration everywhere and get a ton of ideas for how to organize my life! Even if you just go and 'look' (but who could do that- seriously?) you will walk away with sooooo many ideas and feel inspired to get your 'organize on'!

Today I thought I would share some of the things that inspired me from my recent shopping visit there, as I know I LOVE seeing what people get when they visit there and what they found! Enjoy my IKEA finds!

My favorite thing in this photo of this living room is the awesome star lights hanging from the windows! Love that & would have probably never thought to try that.

Loving the festive garland around the window and they had these in different colors as well. Great use of the space under the window - tons of storage!

This is such an vibrant room. Every time I visit, I find something new I love about it. The hanging lanterns, the color palette, the huge initial art on the wall, all of the storage, that chair . . the fun pop of yellow in the chair in the foreground . . . such a fun room!

Oh my word! Can you believe that mirror treatment on the wall? Is that FAB or what? And then let's talk about this new lamp hanging . . .wish I could have gotten a better pic but it is a deep berry color with a pop of copper on the inside! Say what? I know. I die. Oh and this color palette just so happens to be what I am re-doing MY master bedroom in. Bonus!

This corner is amazing and one of these days I am going to replicate it in my house. I have this color on my wall already and I am loving this bench type seating that goes around the corner - what a FAB idea! Imagine all of the pillows you could change out with this all of the time! ;)

Check out the circle patterns!!!! Oh my LOVE! If you know me, then you know I LOVE anything with a circle pattern on it so when I saw this tray I had to have it! And hello, it was black n white to boot! It's like it was screaming at me 'take me home!' ;) Some of you may be crushing on the gold circle runner but me . . .(wanna know a secret? NOT a fan of gold. Like at all. I know, I know . . .what can I say.  But you can enjoy it. :)

So I am not a fan of this backsplash BUT I am a fan of the wine glass storage idea above the sink = genius! And I am sorta LOVING that giant clipboard!

How much do I LOVE this giant clipboard? Well enough to track someone down when I couldn't find it in the area it said it should be in, only to find out they would not be restocking anytime soon as they had been selling like crazy. BUT I still scored one, as I made a friend and he let me purchase the one on display - cha ching! Score! And p.s. I freakin LOVE it!!!!!

I was crushing on so many things on this table but in the end I bought the red table runner as I have BIG plans for it. Stay tuned.

For me personally, this is another one of my fave rooms at IKEA as I have gathered so many ideas for my office makeover from it! I mean seriously? Look at this table set-up for sewing or crafting! And that STORAGE wall . . . 

Hello oh beautiful storage wall . . . where have you been my whole life!? Let me say this, I "may" have purchased almost everything on this wall. Well the shelving, the bars to hang storage items, boxes and a few other items . . .oh yeah, this IS happening!

And this. This is the same room but the other side . . . totally using the idea here of hanging items. But instead of hanging fabric swatches . . . I will be hanging artwork to dry! LOVE!

This is one of their NEW items that I snagged while I was there. I haven't shared it yet on the blog as I am debating on location still . . . it may go on a wall in the kitchenette area of my home or in my office . . . still deciding but it will be awesome! There's a place to put mail or work orders, a magnetic board to pin things up and those hooks on the bottom . . .NICE!

I LOVE their lighting department as I can ALWAYS find exactly what I need for a space in my home. However sometimes I find lighting I LOVE and have trouble finding a place to put it in my home. For example, isn't this chandelier so FAB? I would love to find a place for it. Maybe someday. ;)

I did however pick these up on  my last trip to IKEA a couple months ago and have them as part of my master bedroom makeover I am in the middle of doing. I bought the white shade even though I really love the blush color. I did however pick a different base for this lampshade + got a matching floor lamp.

Brand new lighting that I fell in love with! Am totally digging this lamp but currently do not have a need for it. Someone needs to get it and share a photo of it. lol

I am sure you have seen these already but if not, they are GORG! Hello circles! They came home with me the first time I ever saw them but thought I would share anyway with you. I just bought a set to use for stylized photo shoots. They are amazing!

This. This is the infamous NEW 'paper product' section that I am sure you have heard of by now as everyone has been talking about it. There are about 4 more rows of this in different colors but I took a pic of the hot pink aisle as duh! . . . it matched my blog! Truth! I may have done some damage in this section, just sayin'. Me + paper = love.

Loving some of the fun Christmas decor they have near the checkout but take my word on this . . . if you see something you like - SNAG it! As chances are, you may never see it again. The seasonal area always tends to sell out fast! But this is so FUN right?

Can you say I WANT! I NEED! These huge star lamps are awesome & would look fab-U-lous on my mantle! So much in fact that they were out of this lamp in red but will have more next week. Guess I will have to make a trip back nest week . . . twist twist of my arm ;)

I hope you will stay tuned to see what I do with some of my IKEA finds. In the meantime, here are a few of the posts I have done using products from IKEA:
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Have you visited an IKEA lately? What is one of your fave products that you have gotten from there? Let me know below as I would love to hear . . .

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  1. We like a lot of the same things! IKEA is a dangerous store for me! I need to go pick up a few more Ribba picture frames, but I really need to stay out of there because I always find more that I want!

    1. LOL heather - you have great taste then too! ;) Yes it CAN be dangerous but I can't stay away - especially when I am working on a room - the IDEAS alone I love to check out. But yes, always leave with more than I went for. ;)

  2. The closest IKEA is 45 mins from me...I stay away! LOl...LOVE IT!


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