Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ART PRINTS :: Week 3 - 30 Day EC Creative INK Challenge

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Hello! I am already sharing week 3 of the challenge which means I am currently in the LAST week! (sad face) I still can not believe it but I do have some fun plans for something with these after this is over that I can not wait to share with you! Since starting the 30 days of creative INK challenge, I have enjoyed interacting with you daily and I hope this next 'thing' I have planned will help continue that! Please, if you haven't already, join me over on Instagram to see what I will "ink" for the day and get in a 'fan suggestion' soon as there is only a few days left to do so! 

There have been quite a few of you, who have qualified to receive a FREE art print from me thanks to your 'fan suggestion' that I chose to ink for you all. In fact I believe I have quite a few 'fan suggestions' coming this last week! ;)

Again, in case you missed my opening announcement about this a couple weeks ago, here is a re-cap of sorts:

- for 30 days, I will share my daily creative "ink" that I have hand lettered for the day via Instagram
- get involved by suggesting a phrase, word, song lyric, quote . . . anything you want, as a "fan suggestion" of something you would like to see me "ink" 
- receive the print you suggested via email, if I choose your suggestion
- more than ONE winner will have their fan suggestions picked so anytime you see me post, feel free to offer a suggestion in the comments as I am writing them ALL down ;)
- the hashtag for this challenge is #30daysECcreativeINK

Here is what WEEK 3 of the #30daysECcreativeINK brought us . . .

hand lettered art, hand lettering, raise your glass, it is well with my soul, dream BIG

hand lettering, enjoy the journey, hand lettered art, home decor ideas
hand lettered art, what the what, love you mean it, that's my jam, hand lettering

If you missed WEEK 1 or 2 of the EC Creative INK Challenge, you can catch up here: 
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Week 2 EC Creative INK Challenge 

Feel free to also leave a comment here on the blog with your suggestion too! I look forward to hearing your suggestions and giving you all some new creative "ink"!

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