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ROUND-UP :: Big Hero 6 IDEAS

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If you love movies, then I am sure you have seen Big Hero 6 or at least plan on it at some point soon. Heck, you may even have a kid that wants a Big Hero 6 party for his birthday! It is a very popular movie right now but it is so cute! I highly recommend seeing it.

Today I wanted to share a round-up of some amazing ideas for the movie Big Hero 6, whether you just want a simple fun recipe or to create a fun family movie night in. But, like I mentioned, maybe you are looking for ideas to incorporate into a party for one of those kids of yours. ;) A few of my friends and I have been hard at work to bring you some amazingly awesome IDEAS for you to use! Have fun and let us know if you happen to be inspired!

If you are looking to make some amazing desserts such as honey lemon cupcakes, wasabi pudding or perhaps mochi cat mochi, then you definitely want to check out my friend April and her Easy Big Hero Desserts because they are just so much fun!

Big Hero 6 desserts, honey lemon cupcakes, wasabi pudding, mochi cat, mochi

I love good yummy snacks to munch on while watching a movie and this Big Hero 6 Snack Mix from Rebecca, has all of my faves in it including some Snickers (my fave) and is so easy to make!

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If you are looking for an amazing popcorn recipe to make for the kids that just happens to look like Baymax, then check out my Baymax Popcorn Recipe because it is sooo soooo good! Trust me, I have requests to make it again this week and I just made it! ;)

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All of this talk about popcorn has you needing a popcorn box right? Whether you are serving straight up movie popcorn, trying my recipe here or one of the other snacks, you can use these FREE Baymax popcorn boxes to hold all it and your kids will think you are a rockstar!

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Before you sit down to actually watch the movie, you may want to think about getting your craft on with these fun Baymax felt masks by Lindsay because there is nothing like getting into character with your kiddos to have some fun! Plus they will think you are one cool momma! ;)

baymax felt mask DIY, big hero 6, craft idea, free template, craft DIY

Along with some more yummy snack ideas for their Big Hero 6 movie night, my friend Stephanie created a HERO printable so her kids could jot down their thoughts afterwards about what they think a hero is. What a great teaching moment with this movie. I just love this idea! 

hero cards, what is a hero, marshmallow pops, popcorn, snack ideas

 I am certain, without a doubt, that Big Hero 6 will be bringing it's fair share of kids parties in the next few months. I know it's already started so if you find yourself wanting to throw one for your kiddos or if you have a kid that really wants one, then start here and check out Britni's Big Hero 6 Movie Night Party ideas.

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I hope this round-up has inspired you or given you a few ideas to try for your next movie night or party! Make sure to give one of these amazing recipes a try as well and we would love to know if you were inspired! Have you seen this movie yet? 

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