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FREEBIE :: Spring Bloom Pudding Cups

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Spring is almost here plus Easter is right around the corner and this time of year I love thinking about fun recipes to make for the upcoming holiday. I especially love coming up with a fun recipe that my daughter can help out with because what better way to spend some quality time together than bonding over a fun recipe that we get to eat afterwards? ;)

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 The other day when we stopped in WalMart, my daughter wanted to look at the Easter aisle (of course) and on the other side of it, we spotted these new super Snack Packs. She already packs a Snack Pack pudding in her lunch every day for school (just like her momma used to because hello - they taste great!) so this new super size definitely jumped out at us, plus the new Easy Open lids make it easier to open now, so we picked some up. Then the next thing I know we are talking about making fun springtime snacks with them to celebrate Easter and having a little creative fun that resulted in buying some mix-ins for the Snack Packs.

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Since we both LOVE to draw, we decided to make a snack that we could be creative with. One where we could 'draw' flowers, then plant those flowers in some 'dirt' and maybe add a cute little sign for fun! Before you knew it, we had selected our mix-ins choices, put them in our cart and we were ready to get going! 

I love the way they turned out. I loved getting to spend a little quality time with my girl making some fun food art and then I loved enjoying these delish treats afterwards. I firmly believe ANY way you can teach your kids to be creative is a wonderful thing . . .especially if they get to play with their food to do it! ;)

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Spring BLOOM Pudding Cups recipe:

- Oreos
- Nilla Wafers
- Honey Maid grahams
- various colored icing tubes
- sprinkles or other candy to decorate
- 6 straws (cut in 1/2 to make 12 stems)

What makes this so much fun is the possibilities are endless of what you could use to make these flowers!

supplies needed for spring pudding cups, oreos, nilla wafers, mix ins
- crush up 2 Oreos for every Snack Pack you will be using
- divide the Honey Maid grahams into pieces like in photo 
(**tip- use a spatula edge when breaking apart to get a clean straight line)
- begin 'drawing' flowers on the Nilla wafers and grahams using any technique you like
- to attach Nilla wafer 'flower' to straw, just squeeze some icing on back, push straw into icing and allow to dry

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Add some springtime fun to those pudding cups by downloading this FREE 'Bloom Where You Are Planted' tag to complete this fun project! Just print, cut out tags and attach to a straw or a lollipop stick with tape or glue.

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Make sure to arrange your Snack Packs on a cute cake stand or on a plate to add to the fun. Sprinkle the crushed Oreos on the top of each pudding cup and insert your 'flowers' and your FREE tag for some adorable Easter BLOOM pudding cups all ready for your Easter celebrations with your family or just an afternoon activity with your kids! Plus did I mention how good these are? Yup, but don't take my word for it, try it yourself and let me know what mix-ins you try! Make sure to grab this coupon for Snack Packs before heading to the store and if you are looking for more mix-ins inspiration, you can check out some fun ideas here.

flower cookies, snack packs, pudding cups, spring bloom where you are planted

What mix-ins are you likely to try with your Snack Packs? Please let me know below so I can try what you are thinking up next time! ;)

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  1. love the idea of decorating the graham crackers, super cute!

    1. thanks- it was super fun to get creative with them - great kids activity! ;)

  2. I love that printable! Your stuff is always so cute.

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    1. thanks - you should try it - we had so much fun 'drawing' the flowers! ;)

  5. What an easy, fun treat for spring! I love the way you used the graham crackers. Who wouldn't like dunking those in pudding?

  6. These are soooo cute and I love that you turned it into an edible art project--my two kids looove to create things and this would be a HUGE hit! #client

    1. thanks so much Nicole - sound like you & your kids would have a last making these! =)

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  13. These pudding cups are really cute and would be fun to do with my little nieces. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  14. Love how you used a graham cracker as your canvas! My hands are thankfully steady enough to be able to draw with icing. Can't wait to try myself.

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