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ideas for creating a simple living room gallery wall, black & white decor

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with all of you my living room gallery wall! I love the way it turned out and I'm excited to show it to you! Gallery walls seem to be sticking around and NOT going anywhere anytime soon and that is GOOD news for the rest of us who love doing them. I have designed a couple already in my house but only ONE gallery wall you have seen . . . thusfar, but I believe you can have one in every room if done right. The thing about gallery walls too, is there aren't really any rules to follow except for a few tips and that is it. You really can't go wrong or mess it up at all. If you have never done one before and would like some pointers, then refer to this post on my tips for creating a gallery wall.

I personally start, as with any project, with a big piece or a statement piece to put on the wall. For me I made this huge piece of canvas art which is simply, some amazing IKEA fabric I picked up in this black and white print and wrapped a canvas with it! That is it! My living room is decked out in black and white, mostly with green accents so when I saw that fabric, I knew I needed to use it in a BIG way in this room. I also wanted to add shelves this time and make one really long shelf above the couch (that needs replaced- no judging- lol). So I grabbed two white IKEA shelves and butted them together to get this look. I used the wall shelves that you can sit frames on, with a ledge so I can interchange my art out for the holidays throughout the year and not have tons of holes in the wall. It has worked perfect and I love changing it up every now and again! Once I figured out where I wanted my big pieces, I pretty much laid it out on the floor until I liked the layout and then up it went.
choose happy framed art, black & white decor, home decor, arrow
metal ampersand, pray big sign, black & white gallery wall ideas
pray big, black & white decor used in gallery wall in living room, Pier 1
layout of gallery wall in living room, decor items on shelf in living room
black & white stripe, framed art, choose happy, hand lettering, plant

With this gallery wall I really kept it simple as the other gallery wall is near this one and I didn't want them to compete with each other. This one has some of my favorite sayings displayed: pray big, believe you can and of course I had to hand letter something: Choose Happy!

One of my favorite pieces I was so happy to score for this project, was the large ampersand as I kinda have a thing for them around the house but this one is the biggest, so far. I guess I love the "&" sign as I feel it gives me hope. As in, there is always something else coming when you hear and . . . . =)

believe you can, chalkboard arrow, black and white fabric, IKEA, Pier 1
choose happy, hand lettering, framed art, arrow, gallery wall ideas
ideas for a living room gallery wall, black and white gallery wall, pray big
IKEA fabric, canvas art made with fabric from IKEA, black and white decor
gallery wall in living room, ampersand, canvas art, hand lettering

All of my items that I used for this project I either purchased at IKEA, Pier 1 Imports or Hobby Lobby. Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for checking it out!

Have you designed a gallery wall in your home? Please comment below with your best tip for doing one as I'd love to hear . . .


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  1. I love that & sign and the pray big sign. Both very cute! Love the whole design. Great job!

  2. My favorite part of the whole wall is the Pray Big sign, but it's all very beautiful!

  3. I love your gallery wall! It looks great! I have been wanting to create one of my own, but now we are about to move, so it will have to wait until we move into our new house! :)

  4. Love the gallery wall. Very nicely done. The color scheme is super cute!

  5. Please come and design my house you are fantastic and I need your skills lol!

  6. Love it! I especially love the black and white printed piece... It's gorgeous!

  7. What a gorgeous wall. I love the pray big and believe you can sign.

  8. So pretty! My favorite part is 'Choose Happy'. I always try to choose happy :)

  9. Such a nice style! I would love to decorate like this :)

  10. I love how you used the thin shelf in your gallery set up! It adds a unique touch. :)

  11. I love it!!! That's one of my favorite gallery walls I've seen in a while! <3

  12. I can't wait to do something like this when we have a house. What a beautiful setup.

  13. I love how sophisticated it is. The little pops of color are fantastic. Great job!

  14. Oh my word, I love that wall so much! The monochromatic scheme is so dramatic and yet very chic!

  15. Love it! Love how the patterns all play off of each other! Nicely done!


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