Tuesday, January 21, 2014

CRAFT :: DIY Valentines Banner

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Happy Winter y’all!  It’s Melissa, party planner, blogger and mom back, again to share a real quick tutorial for your Valentine décor!   

supplies to make valentines banner, love banner for valentines day

Not unlike, Laura here at Eye Candy Creative Studio, we decorate our home for all holidays!  I love using banners in our décor. We can hang them from the fireplace, the kid’s footboards of their beds, across the hallway and anywhere the kids find worthy of a banner!  

making the valentines banner, love banner, cutting out valentines banner
preparing valentines banner, love banner

For this tutorial I used Laura’s printable LOVE Banner from her Etsy Shop.   Just added some more loving to it with some dollar store doilies. 

red damask print, valentines banner, love banner, white doilies

I love how it turned out!  It will be hanging in our school room soon!  Thanks Laura for all your talents!  You ROCK! Until next time – Party On Friends!

DIY banner for valentines day, red damask print, love banner


Guest Contributor: Melissa Newell

Melissa Newell has been planning and executing parties for over 20 years - parties have always been a passion of hers.

Melissa’s motto is Go Big or Go Home! She celebrates with her children every chance they get - making each day a celebration of Life!

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