Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mini Love Notes :: Creative IDEAS

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Who's ready for Valentines Day???  . . .NO? . . .not so much huh? . . . well that's ok as I am here to help you out with by sharing a cute idea that can be used for your significant other, your kids and even family members, that can get you a little MORE ready for the big lovefest. ;)

I have these adorable little notecards I want to share with you today! They come with TEN different designs & you can have some fun showing how much you care for that special someone with these 'Love Notes'. 

Hide a note in a backpack, a briefcase or in a shirt pocket & say 'hello' or 'I love you'. Use for a romantic breakfast, lunch with a friend or use them in your kids lunchbox. You can also use these for labels, or decor accents, or even tags on little gifts. Show the people you love the most that you are thinking of them and it will surely make their day just a little bit brighter. ;)

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So do what do you think of these little love notes? Personally, I love mini anything & these little notecards I love to use this time of year for all of the little notes to my people. =)

If you want to have your own set, just head on over to my shop & pick up the Valentines mini love notecards here to start using right away.

Join me tomorrow for another fun Valentines idea that you can use! ;) Who would you write a little love note too?

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